Sunday, April 9

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It's been too long since I last posted. What's the reason? Well, I won't bore you with the standard reel I've hit you with on here lately of I'm out of the house 12 hours a day in the week, on various adventures at the weekends and just generally in need of some off screen time. That's all true. But in the past month or so I just haven't felt like posting, even when I do have the time and energy to do so.

Why? Well, I feel like blogging has changed *a lot* lately, and Twitter tells me I'm not alone. That's not to say I don't like blogging anymore because heck I do, I love this community, I just personally don't see it as a space to be competitive and never want to have to be in a position where I'm forcing myself to post.

As these thoughts were entering my mind Nicole from Sleek Chic and Jessie from All Things Beautiful both wrote posts that I found myself furiously nodding along to. I don't want to go off on a tangent in this post because these beauties sum it up perfectly - check out their posts here and here.

In the meantime and on a more positive note, Spring has sprung whilst I've been offline meaning an abundance of blossom has hit us once again. I swear it looks more and more beautiful each year?! Despite being absent from my little space here lately, you can still always find me on Twitter and Instagram , and I do my best to catch up on my favourite blogs when I get the chance.

Therefore, I thought for this post I'd share some love in the blogging community by sharing with you my go-to reads. These are all bloggers I've been following from the start (I guess you could call them golden oldies ;)) and ones who I see as my blogging buddies. Obviously the below are just a fraction of my faves so please don't be offended if you're not listed. These are just who instantly pop into my head and who I visit regularly and you never know, I may do another of these posts again soon... ;)

Nicole // Sleek Chic: The blogger with hair to die for (I'm talking serious merBABE hair) and a dreamy, enviable pastel wardrobe, Nicole has been a favourite blogger of mine for years now. She's also just moved house - eeeep(!) - and I've been loving her home inspo posts and Instagrams lately! :)

Jessie // All Things Beautiful: Did someone say Girl Boss? ;) This lovely lady is such an inspiration and a true example of determination paying off - just goes to show that achieving your dreams really is possible. :)

Alina // Beauty With Charm: Alina is someone I look up to and really take her skincare and beauty tips on board. It also helps that we have a similar skin type and taste in makeup. Her selfies are constantly flawless (damn you!). :)

Shireen // Reflection of Sanity: I find Shireen hilarious! Her posts are always written in a chatty way and I find we have a really similar sense of humour. She's based in Canada so it's really interesting to see what beauty products can be accessed over the pond. :)

Jasmine // Jasmine Talks Beauty: When I find myself feeling spendy in Boots, a lot of it is down to Jasmine. Her blog has the perfect balance of drugstore and high-end products and I love that she's with me on the marble and rose gold/copper obsession. :)

Heather // Of Beauty and Nothingness: I love the uniqueness of Heather's blog. Her posts are always original and I love that each post is a true surprise. I also love that she's a fellow book-worm and I often head to her blog when I'm in need of book recommendations. :)

Amy // Call Me Amy: I've loved following Amy's blogging journey, it's amazing to see where she is now. I see her as my fellow coffee lover and her Instagram accounts is one of my faves! :)

Kayleigh // Very Berry Cosmo: I'm a proud STRAWB! I love the community Kayleigh has built and love that she punches mental health in the face (and butt). I often find myself watching her Instagram stories over breakfast and she has the cutest pets! :)

Jemma // Dork Face: How could I not include Jemma?! #GirlGang is thanks to her and she really is the queen of this community! Her cute designs are available to buy (here) and are perfect if you want to add a Pinterst-y touch to your home. I also want to share how supportive she is and how she puts time aside for anyone and everyone. :)

Do you read these blogs? I'd love you to share some of your faves in the comments below!


  1. A fantastic list of blogs :)
    I'm spending the day reading in the sun, so I'll be checking these out :D
    ♥ Fran - xx

  2. Wow, thank you so so much babe! This is so so lovely of you! I promise I'm gonna check out everyone I don't already follow! You're the best! Xxx

  3. Eeee thank you SO much Karen you absolute doll! You really have been there since the start of my blogging journey and your blog was one of the reasons I started in the first place so thank you! Xxx

  4. I've been so meh with blogging lately, I still enjoy writing and taking photos. Best part of course is trying out various products. But the social media side of it, I am just not dealing well with at all ugh. Thank you ever so much for your lovely words, they have cheered me up so much xox

  5. Thank you so much for your super lovely mention of me! It made my day x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  6. You really made my day with this, Karen, thank you again! And I am in the same mindset about blogging too...I swear it's dying a very slow death.

  7. I love love the image of the tree <3! Hahahah and I miss chatting with you! I love Alina's blog, and Shireen's and yours obviously :p and Heathers!!! Hehehe

    Serene |

  8. I love some of these girls too, so I will definitely have to check out your other recommendations! I know what you mean about blogging. I do feel like it's changing and I'm not quite sure where it's headed at the moment. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  9. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


  10. Great suggestions, love discovering new bloggers! :D

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *

    P.s. I'm currently hosting a giveaway to win a personalised phone case!


  11. A great list of suggestions. Blogging can be difficult when life gets busy and a twelve hour day is a long one. I'm having similar issues Lucy x

  12. Thanks for your list of suggestions! Some ones I recognise here. I always love reading and discovering new blogs!

    Laura xo