Sunday, January 15

- Offline Hobbies: Time spent away from the screen...

I love social media as much as the next person, but I really do notice a difference in my well-being when I put time aside for other hobbies. Judging by a lot of my Christmas presents last year, it seems my family & friends have recognised this effort of mine to ensure I refresh and have some peaceful me-time. I thought I'd do a post showing some of the pastimes I use to switch-off from everyday life and the hustle & bustle of London which can often become overwhelming. A lot of my offline time goes towards my fitness routine, but I wanted to keep this post focused on things that can be done sitting and chilling at home.

Adult Colouring Books

Now this is probably nothing new to you as adult colouring books have taken the world by storm over the past year or so, but they've been one of those things I've been meaning to pick up for myself and for whatever reason always forgot! I'm super happy to finally have one in my possession and love the large size of it. I can see why they're often called Mindfulness colouring books as you really do just focus on that moment in time and zone out from reality. I'm a firm believer that we're all big kids and seem to love colouring just as much as I used to. One of my fondest childhood memories is colouring with my brothers. If you're yet to get your hands on one I can't recommend them enough and there's some great themes out there: Mandalas (like mine above), animals & forests, Harry Potter; to name a few!

Learning to Crochet

More and more often I've been seeing crochet creations pop up on my feeds and it's been making me want to get creative and teach myself something new. I used to love sewing as a kid and would love to learn more craft skills so can't wait to sit down with this kit. I'm going to practise the various stitches with this ball of wool and then venture out and buy some for my first creation - fingers crossed it goes well!

Getting lost in a Good Read

If you've been reading my blog/following my social media platforms for a while now, you'll know I'm a book worm and love being transported into a different world. Despite preferring fiction, I've finally got my hands on Instafamous book Hygge by Meik Wiking (better late than never) and loving it! It's so interesting to see how other communities live their lives and the origin of culture and traditions really fascinates me.

Other books on my to read list are A God in Ruins, the sequel to Life After Life (one of my faves), A Little Life, a novel based in New York about brotherly love, and All The Light We Cannot See, a story told from the perspective of a blind girl.

I'll let you know if they live up to being classed as a 'good read' ^.

What offline hobbies do you have? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Offline hobbies are something I really don't make enough time for and really should! You've definitely made me want to dig out my adult colouring book which I haven't used for about a year!
    Amy xx

  2. I have been spending more times offline as well, mainly spending time with the little one reading and playing and it's so much more rewarding.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. I've been thinking of learning to crochet too, I used to be able to do it as a kid but I can't remember it at all anymore!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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  4. I love crochet! I took a break to do some cross stitching but definitely want to crochet a bit more this year - shout if you need help!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I love this! My offline hobby is probably going to the gym and exercising, but I also love going walking and I really want to start reading a lot more. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  6. I do colouring and reading too, I want to start jogging too as a healthy hobby.

    Lauren x

  7. This is such a good post, I love finding good books and I should definitely try out adult colouring books!

    Tia | The 10am Blog

  8. PREACH! Love this and you're so right, you do notice such a difference in your well being when you take the time away from it. The Hygge book is one of my favourites! xxx

  9. I love my adult colouring book too! Offline hobbies really are so good for the soul, I ought to make time for more of them really. x

    Kate Louise Blogs / Wonderbra Giveaway

  10. I tried my hand at crocheting a long time ago, and even went back to retry it again and again. I don't find it hard, or time consuming, it just isn't for me. :(

  11. I agree - I feel so much better when I make time for life offline. I'm reading The Little Guide to Hygge at the moment too and I'm really enjoying it, there's nothing like getting lost in a book! xx


  12. Oh I love this hun, I've been thinking so much lately about the things I want to do outside of blogging because it just takes over my world. Having other hobbies is an absolute must, can't wait to get stuck back into books!


  13. Love this post girl - it's so important to have some 'offline' time where we can just enjoy doing things we love! I'm obsessed with reading right now and am SO glad I've gotten back into it!

    Hayley xo

  14. I loved Life After Life so can't wait to read what you think of the sequel.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  15. Crocheting sounds so much fun! <3 :D I want to get into it, your tools are absolutely amazing! AND I love that colouring book, would be so helpful with de-stressing :P hope you're well my lovely! <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  16. You crochet set looks fantastic! I used to really enjoy knitting, but it hurts my hands too much at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to it. My husband bought me a sewing machine, as I tried a couple of hand sewn projects but they also really hurt my hands. We haven't got the machine set up yet, because we need to put up a table to do so, but I'm excited for my first sewing project when it's up and running. I love a good book too, I can't wait to find out how you like the books on your reading list so that I know whether to add them to mine. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  17. I've been making more time for offline hobbies and I feel so much better for it! I love to read and do anything crafty. Good luck with the crochet, I'm trying to learn but I'm not very good! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  18. Nothing beats getting really into a fab book!

    Kathryn |

  19. Being online all the time can make life stressful and the addition of looking at everyone else's perfect lives discontent with your own. I love the ideas you have shared especially the crochet Lucy x