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- Degustabox: March'16...

I'm back! I hope you're well - sorry I've been MIA lately, life just seemed to take over (again) however here I am and I'm super excited about a collaboration coming soon, but in the meantime let me show you what's inside the latest Degustabox*.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and gorged on many sweet treats. The March Degustabox focused on Easter and definitely doesn't fail on providing moreish snacks. At just £12.99 (inc. delivery), it's a great way to explore different products you might otherwise bypass. There's usually 9-14 surprise items, most of which are new to the market.

As always, Degustabox have kindly provided me with a discount code to share with you: simply type 'BLDEG15' when registering to get £6.00(!!!) off!

So let's see what they have to offer this time around...

Brioche Pasquier, RRP: £1.40

I love, and I mean love, brioche so this new pain au chocolat instantly intrigued me. You can either eat them as they are or heat them up - I found the individual wrapping super handy for taking to work.

Karyatis Meze To Go, RRP: £1.99

This is such a fun item and a great idea. The roasted pepper and feta dip was the perfect balance between sweet and smoky - this was the perfect treat to put out amongst a lunch buffet.

Kent's Kitchen Stuffing, RRP: £1.85

Who delved into an Easter roast? I did, but unfortunately forgot to use this stuffing (d'oh). Kent's Kitchen have been included in previous boxes before for their amazing curry kits, so I was surprised to see this cranberry and orange stuffing addition to the brand.

Pipers Crisps, RRP: £2.00
Metcalfe's Popcorn, RRP: £1.50

Two things I hate about crisps: 1) when there's like 3 in the entire bag and 2) when they scrimp on the flavour. Thankfully, these Piper crisps pass on both accounts. In fact, they're probably some of the strongest tasting crisps I've had - amazing cheese & onion (just don't expect anyone to kiss you afterwards...)

I've been on the hunt for healthy snacks lately and popcorn seems to be everywhere at the moment with numerous brands making an appearance. Up there is Metcalfe's who have introduced a 'skinny' (shudder at typing that word) version, and after scanning the nutritional information I can confirm it's actually not that bad for you.

Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes, RRP: £1.00
Kallo Quinoa and Seeds Multigrain Cakes, RRP: £1.89

Speaking of healthy snacks, I've been obsessed with rice crackers/cakes lately. I take some to work with me every day and am definitely a fan of Kallo's. Both of these flavours are incredible, but my colleague recently introduced me to their paprika ones which are seriously heavenly - especially with masked up avocado..mmm...

Lindt White Chocolate Gold Bunny, RRP: £2.99

What's Easter without a Lindt bunny?


Chewits, RRP: £0.35 (each)

Oh man, these sweets are a serious throwback. If I could count the amount of Chewits I ate in my early years, my teeth would probably instantly drop out.

*Shudder, shudder*. I'm glad those days are behind me; when I fancy a sweet treat I tend to opt for chocolate over sweets.

Parle Monaco, RRP: £0.39
Parle Hide & Seek, RRP: £0.59

These Indian biscuits were a welcome addition as I love discovering brands I've never heard of. The Monaco 'biscuits' are exactly like Ritz crackers (my fave) - I've been enjoying them with smoked cheese as an evening snack.

The Hide & Seek biscuits are small, square cookies - perfect for a bitesize pick-me-up.

Good Hemp Coconut Milk, RRP: £1.79
Weetabix On The Go, RRP: £1.50 (each)

I've been really getting into dairy free milks for protein shakes and smoothies, so I was super happy to see this included. It's the perfect consistency and provides the right amount of flavour - perfect in porridge too.

As for the Weetabix drinks, I'm afraid they're not my thing. They're apparently a nutritious quick breakfast drink and essentially a yummy milkshake, but they don't do it for me. After reading the label, I discovered they're not actually that great for you and they also have that 'sickly sweet' taste.

As you can see the March box is very snack-based, but I guess that's the theme they were going with and it's suited to Easter. I prefer when there's a balance between snacks, drinks and cooking ingredients, but overall I enjoyed most items so can't complain.

What do you think of this Degustabox? Don't forget, you can receive your first box for just £6.99 using the discount code above!

Thank you for sticking by me, I definitely have some blog reading to catch-up on :)!

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. nice!

  2. Ooh the meze looks really interesting! I love Kallo rice cakes and I'm also loving dairy free milk alternatives so that looks worth a try as well!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  3. What a fun box this time around and how cute is the chocolate bunny. Love Metcalfe Popcorn & Kallo Rice Cakes as my snacks x

    Beauty with charm

  4. This box looks amazing, love the little Easter touches with the Lindt bunny. Those pastries are so yummy, I remember when i used to get them in the degustabox last year - too good! Life is so hectic when you have a full time job too, sometimes life does just take over! xxx

  5. Yummy, All I'm looking at is the cute Lindt Bunny :p & the roasted pepper / feta dip sounds TOO delicious :)! Welcome back missy! I've missed you! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week! :)

    Serene |

  6. This all looks so yummy (apart from the Weetabix drinks!) MY fave thing would probably be the Lindt bunny though! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  7. Great box, white Lindt bunny, yes please and I'm addicted to the crackers with chocolate Lucy x

  8. Love a Degustabox post, they always seem to have such great items! :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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