Sunday, February 7

- Sunday Summary: Cats, Nature & Catch-ups...

Hello, me again. She who hasn't posted in 3 weeks. Gah, this is so unlike me. Time literally seems to have escaped me lately. Why?

Because cats.

Yep, that's right. Me and Rob abandoned our little hub in London and moved back to his parents whilst they were on holiday.

Oh hey there commuting, I've not missed you one bit. I was out of the house 7am-8pm and to be honest as much as I love it, the last thing I wanted to do when I got in was sit on my laptop to blog. I was z.o.n.k.e.d.

Good job cats are cute (even when they do sit on top of laptops...) and it was nice to escape back into the countryside for a bit. Without getting too deep, there really has been some amazing scenery lately. We had our first snow day of Winter 15/16...

...and on the first morning of being back in our flat, there was stunning golden sunshine across London...

... and then walking home from work, this happened! Beautiful layers of purple dusk sky...

I don't even know why, but scenes like this make me so happy and remind me to stop getting caught up in the London rush.

What else has made me happy lately?

Well just as I realised I've been doing yoga for a year now, graze* sent me this cute leaflet along with possibly their tastiest snack. This cocoa vanilla protein flapjack is a new addition of theirs and reminded me how pleased I am when I see flapjack included in their variety boxes, so much so, I decided to order a box dedicated to the stuff - nom!

Speaking of tasty snacks, I want to share with you this a-mazing box of Nakd bars. I often nip out of the office to grab one of these healthy snack bars, so when I saw Natural Balance Foods* sells them online in bulk, I was thrilled. It makes so much more sense economically and it's been fun trying out so many different flavours - who knew there were so many?!

What else have I been up to? Last week I headed to All Star Lanes, Holborn for a friend's birthday. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about this as I literally haven't bowled since I was about 10. Thankfully I wasn't as bad as I expected and even managed a cheeky strike. We stayed afterwards for food, which was such a good idea - hello dreamiest brownie (my fave).

Now fitness update: as well as yoga, I'm still bouldering, spinning, running and going to the gym - and enjoying them all! I have a personal goal of being able to do a pull-up (ha!) and can now wriggle myself up to do one - that counts, right?

Lastly, just because I love organisation (especially when it comes to beauty products), I finally caved and bought some storage. Why oh why did it take me so long? I wasn't sure about Muji sizes and pricing etc so headed to eBay and it turns out they have tonnes listed there - win! I posted it to Instagram and it got so many likes (for me, anyway). Happy, happy!

I hope you've enjoyed this catch-up. I've tried to fill you in on everything. Life is busy; I'm still playing catch-up with friends from before Christmas, but I'm super happy. Plus, me and Rob are celebrating Valentine's Day today as he's away next weekend.

Let me know what you think of this post and what you've been up to lately in the comments below.

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Wow those scenery pictures are so beautiful! I love nakd bars and just spied a month coffee flavoured one in your picture that I've never tried before - definitely going on a hunt for that! Also I went bouldering for the first time last week and I didn't realise just how hard it was! You need so much strength, plus my hands were killing afterwards!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  2. That cat looks so cute! I love Nakd bars, I haven't tried all of those flavours so I'll be trying them! I love Graze snacks, and I agree, I love it when the flapjack comes along! Love those pictures of scenery too :)

    Neeny | Spoon Full Of Yum

  3. Well I am glad you had a lovely few weeks :)
    The make up storage looks great! I could really do with some but maybe I'll wait another while yet! :) What are your favourite nakd bars? I know I tasted one that was disgusting - i think it was a banana one. :)


    My Blog

  4. Fair play to you for living in London, I honestly couldn't live there as it is way too busy for my liking, but I love going to visit and seeing all the history! You have captured some really lovely country scenes!

    Meme x

  5. I did miss you and wondered where you had gone! I absolutely relish beautiful skies it's the little things but it makes me so happy! I totally want to buy some bulk Graze snacks I haven't had some in a while xxx


  6. lovely blog :)
    I follow you :)

  7. Sounds like you've been having a lovely time! Congrats on the pull-up, I can't do one at all haha! Love the makeup storage, I need something like that! My collection is spilling out of its drawers haha. Lovely post!
    xo Kiki

  8. The makeup storage is amazing! I have the 3 drawer unit too but it really needs organising! Your scenery pictures are always so lovely :)

    Velvet Blush

  9. Sometimes it really is so nice to go back home and to the country, although if I were to do this I too would have the commute again which I really don't miss living in central manchester at the moment! I love the horse and cat photos and the scenery does look gorgeous.

    I am so glad you're super happy! And that you're enjoying all your actives. I went to my first spin class tonight and I'm not sure whether I like it or not! I think I push myself harder when I run.

    I hope you enjoyed your valentines celebrattions.

    Sarah xxx

  10. I'm the same recently can't seem to catch up with time, since the new year its just whizzing by. I actually love Nakd bars and have pretty much tried them all at this stage apart from Caffe Mocha (as I've never seen it in store) and now I want to get my hands on it badly haha x

    Beauty with charm

  11. Sometimes life has to happen, cute cats. The scenery from your flat is beautiful I bet you get some spectacular sunrises. Glad to see you are still keeping up the climbing Lucy x

  12. Sometimes life has to happen, cute cats. The scenery from your flat is beautiful I bet you get some spectacular sunrises. Glad to see you are still keeping up the climbing Lucy x

  13. Awww I always love your posts Karen, well done on the pull up! I wouldn't even be able to do half a 1 LOL! & Awwww I love bowling, Hahaha :D your friend's birthday inspired my next birthday hahaha and that will probably be in a bowling alley :D! You look beautiful as always :D thanks for the catch up :P we've missed you!

    Serene | I Am Serene L