Sunday, February 28

- Healthy Smoothie Recipes with AO & Nutriseed...

I'll admit it, I'm late to join the party with this one.

You know those things that you keep on meaning to try and make for yourself, but you just never get round to it? Well, that's me and smoothies.

That is until contacted me and offered to send out a smoothie maker. Say whuuuuuuuut?! Yes plez!

I was very kindly sent a Breville Blend-Active Smoothie Maker*, which comes with 4 containers. I wasn't expecting these additions but it's such a great idea for when you're making smoothies for a group of people / cba to do the washing-up immediately but are hankering for your next smoothie fix (guilty..).

As soon as I was notified the smoothie maker was on its way, I had a good think about what concoctions to create. I found because they're so popular at the moment I didn't know where to start. I took to Google and felt lost with thousands of recipes staring back at me.

Therefore, I decided to split my chosen recipes into three categories: green for when I want a health kick, berry for my sweet tooth, and chocolate for those cravings most of us experience.

If that wasn't enough excitement, I was then kindly sent over some superfood treats from Nutriseed. I'm literally so happy I've discovered this website; I first read about it on Jess's blog and was in awe at all of the healthy foods they stock. From coconut oil to spirulina, I chose to try out: Chia Seeds*, Cacao Paste* and Goji Berry Powder*

So below I've listed my 3 go-to recipes based on the categories mentioned above, incorporating the goodies from Nutriseed - just a note that I stir in chia seeds after blending. They're all super easy and super quick and perfect for when you're after a refreshing drink. The huge trend of smoothies has seen some controversy. I'm aware they're not going to provide me with my 5-7 portions a day. We absorb a lot of goodness from fruit & veg during fermentation so the fact we consume it whizzed up diminishes this, but I still view them as much better for us than what some of the top brands put out there.


- Handful spinach
- 1/2 orange
- 1 banana
- Lump of ginger
- Coconut water


- Strawberries
- Blueberries
- 1 banana
- Goji berry powder*
- Soy milk


- 1 Banana
- Cacao paste*
- Cashew Butter
- Carob fruit syrup (or use honey)
- Cinammon
- Almond milk

So there we have my top 3 recipes. I genuinely love all of them as they seem to cater for whatever mood I'm in, but I'm keen to experiment. I'd like to use pineapple in the green one and perhaps cucumber. I find adding protein powder into the chocolate-y one is great for a post-gym treat!
I'm now off to browse the Nutriseed website again to see what other smoothie goodies I can find - smoothie bowls, come at me!

What's your favourite recipe here? Let me know any recommendations in the comments below!

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. All of these smoothies look great and it looks like so much effort went into this post! I'd personally go for the chocolate one cause I've never tried cacao which is healthier than chocolate. I make smoothies similar to the other two all the time. I really like the vintage look of the super foods from nutriseed. Were they expensive in price or do you know?


  2. These all look so yummy! The blender looks amazing, love that you can drink it straight from the bottle if you were on the go! I remember seeing the nutriseed ingredients on Jess's blog too and it looks like they stock some really interesting and yummy but healthy things!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  3. Well you have now made me crave a smoothie, this looks amazing and I love how it comes so raw like that!

    Meme xx

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  4. A) Breville blenders are the best B) CASHEW BUTTER IS LITERALLY THE BEST!!! I can't get over how much nicer it is than any nut butter! Meridian is just amazing anyway, could definitely eat the kilogram tub in one go!

    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. This is the second post I saw on Nutriseed! Seems like something that I seriously need to add into my kitchen! I have never thought of investing in a smoothie maker before but I might just change my mind after this.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. MMM the green smoothie sounds absolutely delicious and I am glad you got to try out Nutriseed too I absolutely love them xxx

  7. Recipe 2 looks AMAZZZINNGGG <3 You've almost made me want to be healthy. *whispers* Almost... hahaha <3
    Great post lovely!
    Jemma xx

  8. This has been shared with Alex straight away. He's got a Nutribullet and god that thing is on all day and night!

    Caz | Style Lingua

  9. Blimmin love a new smoothie recipe, thank you for sharing! Think i might go give them a go now. x

    Jessica Ann ♥

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