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- BonjourHK: More Asian Beauty Gems...

As mentioned in my previous post here (which featured the most mind-blowing serum I've ever laid eyes on), this next post is dedicated to more products from BonjourHK that have won me over. I seem to constantly rave about Asian beauty & skincare products, but I'm not lying when I declare my love for them. I've been lucky enough to receive various products to try out for several months now, and my list of holy grail products is forever increasing! A girl can never have too many 'essentials', right?

So let's take a peek at what I've been trying out over the past few weeks, and join me whilst I share my thoughts...

YUMÉI O2 Bubble Massage Cleanser, £16.30*

Just as my bottle of Shiseido Speed Perfect Whip Foam came to an end and I was hovering over that 'order' button we're all too aware of, I was kindly sent another cleanser. I loved this fizzing foam cleanser and to be honest I didn't think much could beat it, but this new addition certainly comes close. YUMÉI, a Japanese brand, are known as the whitening experts and create highly popular products aimed towards brightening the skin.

This cleanser is unlike any I've tried before. Firstly, it's packaged in a wonderfully girly metal canister. The product itself comes out as a light blue gel which then expands and turns into a foam. I've tried shower gels like this before, but had no idea the same concept was used for facial products. As someone with dry sensitive skin I tend to avoid gel formulas as they're often too harsh, but this is wonderfully milky, gentle and hydrating!

LaStella Green Tea Concentrate Vita C Serum, £7.40*

Also mentioned in my previous post here is how serums are slowly taking over my skincare stash, and I am more than happy to welcome a new addition. This LaStella one is based around topical beauty ingredient: green tea. Hugely popular in China and Japan, we're constantly told how good drinking it is, but why not add it to your skincare regime too?! It's known to flush out toxins from the skin, heal blemishes and soothe the skin.

Most serums I stumble upon come with a hefty price tag, but this one is super affordable at under £10. The product itself is the colour of green tea and there's a slight scent of it too - hardly surprising really. It's more of a watery consistency but thankfully it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue, unlike thicker ones.

ASTY Peeling Black Mask, £6.30*

Charcoal peeling face masks are taking the beauty world by storm right now and if I'm honest, they initially make me want to run a mile. Why? Because the thought alone of tugging a product off my face makes me feel like a peeled potato. Products like this are a nightmare for my skin type and way too harsh. Anywhoo, I must have felt brave one day as I took the plunge and gave this a whirl.

First thoughts? This stuff is sticky. It's definitely a gloopy mess to apply but thankfully a thin layer is still manageable. I waited 10 minutes before the product had dried and I could no longer move my face (not in an uncomfortable way), before attempting to remove it. Now I was dreading this part, but wow was I left surprised. This stuff peels off so easily, like almost all of it off in one piece. AND it doesn't pull the skin at all. How can something so sticky turn out to be so gentle? Magic.

Admittedly, I didn't notice my pores looking any noticeably clearer after using this (maybe I need to use it frequently before seeing effects?), but my skin felt immediately softer. There's also a white version available which contains horse oil - I'll leave that one up to you...

Ishihara Japanese Pattern Puff, £2.25*

Well, isn't this pretty? I first spotted this powder puff on the BonjourHK Instagram account, liked it and swooned over it for a good few minutes. And ta-da I then received one - eep, how did they know?! It's seriously beautiful and such good quality for the price! It has a nifty pocket you can slip your hand in to when touching up makeup. I might keep this in my handbag for special nights out. There's also a red pattern available, which is equally as gorgeous.

IMFACE Pro-Salon Steam Hair Pack, £1.70*

I literally love that this says 'Bling Bling' on it. Giggling aside, I couldn't wait to use this hair pack. I tend to focus on my skincare routine and end up abandoning hair care, so this was the perfect reminder. Thanks to aloe vera and chamomile, it claims to deliver intense moisture and restore shine and bounce to your locks.

This was so much fun to try. As shown in the image, the product is nestled inside a shower cap. My only slight issue was that the shower cap is huge and whilst you're meant to tighten and secure it with a sticky tab, this didn't want to make friends with my weight hair. Therefore, I ended up bundling my hair inside and simply held it to the side and waited for the recommended 15 minutes (whilst Rob was in hysterics and thought I was a loon).

I then rinsed the product out and when it came to brushing my hair, my brush just glided through which NEVER, EVER happens. Definitely left bling, blinging...

Lily's Wish Hand and Nail Gift Set, £7.75*

Lastly, is this gorgeous hand and nail set which would make a lovely gift for someone ( or a to me, love from me situation ;) ). I have a mountain of hand creams as there really is something luxurious about applying it, plus super important as our hands are the first part to show signs of ageing!

The frangipani and grapefruit scent of this is dreamy, it's the perfect balance between fruity floral freshness. And then there's the crystal file. Not only is this stunning, but I also prefer crystal files as they're easy to clean, long lasting and are a real treat for the nails.

I think it's safe to say I love every item shown here! How about you? Let me know what you think of these products in the comments below!

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. nice products!

  2. That hair mask sounds so nice & it's so affordable! I always forget about my hair too but when I do use a mask on it I remember why I need to haha. I really need to try some Asian beauty on payday because everything sounds like it works so well!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  3. You always feature such exciting and innovative products! I love coming to your blog to see what new brands to try : ) The fizzing cleanser sounds really cool, and I definitely need to treat my hair to a hair mask some time soon xxx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. oooohh I've tried the hair pack before, and loved keeping them on hand for days in Korea my hair felt a bit tragic. The fizzing cleansing foam is something Japan absolutely adores right now (Korea's still a bit wary) so I think that would like to try that most! lovely photos Karen <3 That hand cream gift set is just toooo pretty!

    Fii | little miss fii | uk fashion & lifestyle

  5. I really want to try some Asian Beauty, I hear amazing things about it all! That powder puff is amazing I love it!! Xx

  6. Why is their packaging always so cute haha! I want the try the bubble cleanser!

    Corinne x

  7. Sounds like nice products, love the packaging xoxo

  8. Oooo, I like the fizzy cleanser the most! That sounds really interesting and nothing like I've ever tried before!

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  9. So many of these products sound like something I want to give a go, like the green tea serum or the charcoal mask :)

    Velvet Blush

  10. Whenever I look at these hauls I'm always slightly annoyed that I haven't looked into Asian beauty more. The bubble cleanser looks amazing!


  11. Asian beauty products sound so amazing! Especially the bubble cleanser!

    Elizabeth -

  12. My gosh! Absolutely 100% of the packaging is adorable. I wouldn't even know where to begin to choose. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  13. The green tea serum looks really interesting! I should really look into Asian beauty more as I've heard loads of people talk about how good it is! Xx
    Call Me Amy

  14. More and more I want to try out some Asian beauty & skincare products so thank you for these posts Karen! They are really helpful for me to decide what to try. That peeling mask sounds good although I think I might stay away from the white horse oil one! :) xx

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  15. They really know how to make wonderfully looking products. The green tea serum sounds interesting Lucy x