Sunday, December 13

- November Christmas Degustabox...

Eep, the time of year where we can all indulge without judgement has come, and with its arrival comes the Christmas Degustabox!

Degustabox tend to alternate between focusing on a specific theme or not each month, and I have to admit I much prefer when there is one. I guess the thought behind each item adds a special extra touch. So obviously I was thrilled to see a Christmas box arrive!

In case you're unaware, Degustabox* is a monthly service full of food & drink treats. At just £12.99 (inc. delivery), it's a great way to explore different products you might otherwise bypass. There's usually 9-14 surprise items, most of which are new to the market.

As always, Degustabox have kindly provided me with a discount code to share with you: simply type 'BLDEG15' when registering to get £6.00(!!!) off!

So what did the Degustabox elves pick out for the Holiday season...

Belvita Breakfast Soft Bakes, RRP: £2.79

I'm someone who needs to have breakfast. And I mean needs. I've always made the extra time for it and just the thought of commuting on an empty stomach makes me feel queasy. These Belvita bakes are perfect for when you press that snooze button too much and need a quick pick-me-up. I have to admit I found them a tad too sweet, but they were a fab snack to have in the office.

Williamson Tea, RRP: £4.00
Gourmet Drops, RRP: £2.75 (each)

I first fell in love with Williamson tea after receiving the Ginger flavour in the August box, so couldn't wait to try an alternative. At first, I really didn't think 'lemon sunshine' would be my thing as I imagined it to be super bitter and sharp. Wrong. This stuff is amazing; it's zesty but in a good way, and really refreshing!

The items which probably intrigued me the most are the Gourmet Drops in caramel and vanilla flavours. You can either add a few drops into a hot drink or even a cocktail to take things to the next level - what a fab idea!

Ryvita Crackers, RRP: £1.29
Ryvita Thins, RRP: £1.89

It seems Ryvita have branched out away from their original crisp breads and delved further into the cracker world. And it wouldn't be Christmas without crackers and cheese, let's be honest (although they're pretty much a daily occurence for me. Sorry, what? Who said that?). These are both super tasty and the perfect pairing to some cheese.

Branston Orchard Fruit Chutney, RRP: £1.49
Bourne & Wallis British Picked Onions, RRP: £1.40

Degustabox didn't just stop there. To make cheese & crackers extra tasty they've provided chutney and pickled onions. Win.

The fruitiness of the chutney is heavenly, that's until I accidentally knocked it out of the fridge and it smashed all over the kitchen floor *sob*...

Tuckey’s Proper Digestive, RRP: £1.80
Jim Jams Hazelnut Spread

To ease the chutney-pain, this box contains a lot of snacks! First up are these digestive biscuits which use the classic recipe decades ago, which more recent brands have by-passed. You can probably guess why I've teamed them up with the chocolate spread in the photo, yep, I've been slathering this hazelnut goodness on top. Jim Jams are dedicated to providing spreads which contain zero sugar, and I have to admit, I prefer it to Nutella!

Nim’s Fruit Crisps, RRP: £0.99
Divine Dark Chocolate, RRP: £1.00

I think every box for the past few months has included freeze-dried fruit in some way or other, and personally I'm not the biggest fan. I can see how they're the perfect alternative to crisps, but they just get stuck in my teeth and taste pleh?

I gifted the dark chocolate to Rob as I'm more of a milk girl. He gobbled it so I can confirm it's tasty if you're a dark chocolate fan!

Hartley’s Glitter Jelly, RRP: £1.29
Hartley’s Black Cherry jelly, RRP: £1.29

I haven't made jelly like this in years, in fact seeing it brought back great memories. AND there's now a GLITTER version! For realz! These would be perfect for a show-stopping Christmas trifle!

Butterkist Salted Caramel Popcorn, RRP: £1.49
Butterkist Sweet & Salted popcorn, RRP: £0.55

Mmmmm popcorn. The perfect accompaniment to a Christmas movie marathon. Perfect for sharing (or devouring alone), both of these are scrummy, with the latter being slightly more healthier.

Overall, this November Christmas box was right up my street. I can see the reason behind each product being included... the lemon tea for any Christmas booze-infused parties, popcorn for films, cheese & crackers, jelly for trifles etc. In actual fact, this latest box may just be my favourite! Now to restock my chutney...

What do you think of this Christmas Degustabox? Don't forget, you can receive your first box for just £6.99 using the discount code above!

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. The Christmas degustaboxes are the best!! Those ryvita thins look delicious, I can't stand the normal ones they do, anything with a flavour is instantly better haha! The chocolate spread looks amazing too, I can't believe you say its better than Nutella too - i must try this!! xxx

  2. I really loved this box, the chocolate spread, the crackers and popcorn was amazing! The glitter jelly looked amazing but didn't taste as good :/ <3 xxx


  3. Mmm everything looks amazing! The chocolate spread looks lovely!! Glitter jelly is something every girl should eat!
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  4. That divine dark chocolate looks heavenly! I need to get my hands on some. I love the idea of glitter jelly as well, but haven't seen any yet. I know what I'll be keeping an eye out for in my next food shop ;)

    Steph -

  5. Looks to die for! This is definitely the season where we eat too much, I've been loving salted caramel lately, it will have to be the best combination of the year so the popcorn just sounds divine. Making Hartleys jelly as a child, brings back many memories, glitter trifle just would make my life complete, Im desperate to buy some! Amazing post, enjoyed looking at the festivey (New word!) food, which have made my mouth water and eyes turn into heart shaped waffles.... <3 Xx

  6. Salted caramel popcorn really appeals but most of the box I would love to eat Lucyx