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- Christmas Gift Ideas with Cheerz...

Cheerz box photos magnets

So who's experiencing the annual panic of, "Oh shoot, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet"?. Despite feeling like I haven't even had time to brush my hair lately, I've surprisingly managed to get most of my present shopping sorted. I'm sure I'm not alone in preferring gifts that mean something; ones which take you back to a previous time or relate to an inside joke.

For today's post, I want to show you a brand new service which helps add that extra personal touch: Cheerz. In a world so focused around digital, their aim is to revert things back to photo printing. This is something I fully support, especially as a few weeks ago I was looking through old family albums with my mum from decades ago. This is definitely something I wish to experience in years to come, and for that, I need photos.

With the major hype around Instagram right now, and I confess I am slightly addicted myself, Cheerz have made things simple by allowing you to link up your Instagram account. Designing products couldn't be simpler as once your account is linked, you can select which photos you'd like to have printed.

As well as photographs, Cheerz also create magnets, photo strips, posters, gift cards and more! I was lucky enough to be sent their Christmas Cheerz Box and Christmas Magnets - hurry though, as their last order date before Christmas is tomorrow!

Cheerz box photos magnets Cheerz box photos magnets
Christmas Magnets, £7.45*

Arriving in a cute little box is a choice of 9 or 18 fridge magnets. As you may know, I've recently moved flats so these are another wonderful addition to making a house a home. I'm so impressed with the quality of these, they're not pixelated whatsoever and the colour saturation is perfect, plus they're even discretely laminated, protecting them from any splashes of water and making them easy to clean.

Cheerz box photos magnetsCheerz box photos magnets
Christmas Cheerz Box, £12.95*

Who doesn't love a polaroid print? In the Christmas Cheerz box, you can add up to 45 photos and have the option of customising them further with borders and text. I added some writing to a few of mine to help me remember locations, dates and other random facts. Again, I'm so impressed with the quality of these and can't wait to pop them up somewhere - I'm thinking of arranging them into a frame to put on the wall.

Cheerz box photos magnets

If that wasn't enough, gift labels and mini decorations are also provided with each item - how adorable?!

If you're interested in gifting someone these items (or a 'To Me, Love Me' situation) then you can either visit the website here, or they even have an app both on iOS and Android. Also, don't worry if you aren't a huge Instagrammer as you can also link up your Facebook account, Google+ profile, Dropbox or directly from your computer files.

Tempted? Well, you can get an extra £4 off your order (minimum order £8) when using the code 'KARD6L' at checkout - remember you only have until tomorrow!

And with that, I'd like to say cheers to Cheerz for adding some extra special festive touches to my home!

I feel like I can get away with cheese because CHRISTMAS!

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. I am exactly the same as you! I want photos in years to come in my hand not on my phone! This is a lovely idea! Xx

  2. These look so, so cute!! Love it :) Perfect for Christmas!

    Layla xx

  3. I've tried their photo strips and magnets are they are fantastic x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. I totally agree with you that sentimental, personal presents are much more special! I love the idea of getting lots of polaroids printed and making some special memory books with them. Such cute packaging, too!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  5. I've seen a few posts on this and I honestly love the concept! It's such a sentimental approach towards gifting. xx

    Reflection of Sanity | Palmer's Cocoa Butter Care Package Giveaway (Canada ONLY)

  6. I've seen Cheerz everywhere at the moment & I love the concept. The magnets are so cool and that box is actually amazing, love it x

    Beauty with charm

  7. The post is so great! Have a nice day:)

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous!! Such a fab idea and I especially love the polaroids. I have yet to do a lot go my Christmas shopping and I can think o quite a few people who would love this - thanks for the inspo!

    Sarah xxx

  9. I love photo gifts! Who doesn't love something more personal at Christmas time? The coasters would be a great post wedding gift for someone, ooo it's giving me ideas!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  10. thanks for the gift ideas. they are all adorable

  11. My boyfriend is a photographer and I planned on making a scrapbook as one of his gifts and I loveeee the way these photos look through this printing company! The magnets, pictures, and tags look so cute! I followed along, can't wait to read more. Your blog is flawless!

    xo katiechamel

  12. Ahh such a cute idea! Love the fridge magnets and the Polaroids. :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  13. I am the biggest stationary/polaroid photo addict so I love this post hun. I've heard of Cheerz a little bit recently, definitely need to explore the brand!


  14. Ah I love this, I want it for myself! Not really the Christmas spirit though I guess. I've done all my presents for once, so much less stressful online shopping :) none of my family or friends are IG addicted as me, but I seriously might investigate for my room...

    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  15. I have these too and absolutely love them, they're adorable!!

    Rebecca Coco

  16. I think these are presented so perfectly, I saw them on a few blogs and meant to get some actually as I am a big polaroid fan ;) xxx


  17. I love the magnets, they're too cute! I still enjoy having physical copies of prints so the polaroid box sounds perfect :)

    Velvet Blush

  18. Haha, I've got that panic now! But I've just done all my shopping now I just have to hope it arrives on time!

    Corinne x

  19. How cute are those magnets? Such a lovely gift idea xx ❤️

  20. I love personalised gifts of memories, the coasters and Polaroid pictures are lovely Lucy x