Sunday, November 22

- Sunday Summary: Yoga, Grazing & Next Chapters...

Well, what a tease. "Hi guys, I’m taking a break whilst I job hunt and settle into a new role." "Guys, guys guess what I’m back." "Oh see ya I’m now flat hunting and oh, now I’m moving flat".

Gawd I’m annoying. If you’ve (for some unknown reason) stuck with me then I owe you the biggest, warmest THANK YOU ever!

So yeah, my life is now in the next chapter and I’m happy to get back into a routine. But I have to admit, I have no idea how often I’ll be posting. There’s no way I can stick to my previous every other day routine, but I’d love to post more than twice a week.

Looking back, I have to laugh. I used to join so many Twitter chats and offer blogging advice. My number 1 rule? Be consistent. PAH easier said than done right? Whilst it’s great for your readers to know when to return for new content, and to feel more organised yourself; sometimes, it’s just not possible. And wow, I must have been annoying. “That bloody Style Sunrise thinking she’s a know-it-all, what if my life doesn’t allow consistent posting sdfkndkfnd!”.

So now I guess I’m saying I HEAR YA AND I’M SORRY FORGIVE ME PLEZ. Out of curiosity I checked my DA (domain authority FYI) the other day and boy has it gone down. But then I realised I wasn’t actually that bothered. If you blog as a full-time job, then sure, it’s important. I work in social media and my beady eye is certainly on the stats at all times, but this blog is a hobby for me and to be honest, I very rarely look at/care about stats.

So with all of that out, I wanted to return with one of my classic lifestyle summary posts, because well, we need to catch up. Here’s a few photos from the past few weeks you may have seen on my Instagram (which I’ll also be returning to), plus some more.

A few weeks ago, I put my yoga pants on and headed to Alexandra Palace (or Ally Pally as it's known, which never fails to make me cringe whenever I hear it) for the Om Yoga Show. This is a huge annual exhibition where open yoga classes are held and related brands (think Nakd bars, Vita Coconut Water, Pukka Herbs tea etc) flaunt their products on stalls.

I entered the world of yoga earlier this year, and whilst I still do it mainly to increase strength and flexibility, I've definitely learnt there's a heck of a lot more to it than the Instafamous accounts where scantily clad poses are showcased whilst balancing on a tropical island/infinity pool.

We headed to Oxfordshire one weekend for a friend's birthday where a group of us did GoApe. I can get quite scared of heights but this was honestly hilarious, plus it was tipping it down making the course extra slippery. I spent the entire week afterwards aching like a b*tch. The day after we went on a long dog walk where we came across some alpacas - SO cute!

Ok, so you can tell how long I've been meaning to post these images. Pumpkins, poppies and autumnal colours kind of give the game away, but hey ho.

Have you heard of graze*? If not, where have you been? AND they're available in the US which makes me super happy because I often feel bad when my overseas readers ask if UK only brands are accessible, so YAY! As you can see each box contains 4 individual snacks (afternoon cake & tea anyone?) which can also be purchased separately in a number of stores (graze good to go).

For £3.95 (inc. delivery), you get to choose how frequently you wish to receive the boxes, how healthy you'd like them to be and you can rate each recipe, allowing you to request what to receive next - let me tell you, the mince pie flapjack is UNREAL. Seriously.

Sticking to food, which constantly seems to be a theme on this blog, is this insanely delicious tiramisu. Me and Rob spontaneously decided to head out for dinner one evening after work and justified silly amounts of drink and dessert as a "yay we have a flat" celebration. We ended up going to Spaghetti House (opposite Libertys) and, well, how could a blogger not photograph this tiramisu. Presentation: top marks... and the taste wasn't too bad either ;).

Flowers and candles can only mean one thing: Making a house a home. In the midst of unpacking and sorting our belongings out, Amara generously sent over a sugar plum candle (£13*) and floral romance diffuser (£30.75*). Perfect timing or what? And they both smell beautiful. Their website has a really modern, fresh vibe and I'll definitely be returning when I get my act together and start Christmas shopping.

Our move-in date coincided with fireworks/bonfire events, which we liked to pretend were there to welcome us... ahem... sorry, what? Who said that?

If you’re a babe and have missed my posts (think how I feel?! Waiting for 3 weeks for internet has left me in a shaking state not been easy), heck I’ve missed creating them. And then there’s my need to catch up on other blogs. I’ll be back to commenting on my faves and hopefully discovering more of you in the blogging world, so see you on the other side ;).

Let me know if you want to see more summary posts like this in the comments below.

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. you've been up to so much! the yoga show sounded great and hope you enjoyed it, i do love the term 'ally pally' though (sorry!) x

  2. Loved this post! I've never heard of Alexandra Palace being called 'Ally Pally' and I think I'm glad! So cringey!

    The yoga looked good - I've always wanted to go to a larger Yoga class and look up surrounded by loads of people all in a variation of the same pose! My yoga class is always very small.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. Glad to hear you're back! It's looks like you've been very busy since you left and I loved reading all about it :)

    Natalie Ann xo | Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  4. So glad you're back! I don't think consistency matters so much to people who really like your blog because they'll read it anyway! The yoga at Alexandra palace looks amazing although kind of daunting with so many people!
    Amy X
    Call Me Amy

  5. Llamaaaaa! Haha! I'm so happy to see you back posting, even if it's just once a week, Karen! Take your time and you'll eventually figure out the right schedule for you. xx

    Reflection of Sanity | CaseApp Giveaway

  6. Totally understand, life can be very busy and trying to maintain posting is a challenge. Glad though that you are well and still enjoying london life. The yoga at Alexander Palace looks like great fun Lucy x

  7. Welcome back lovely :) sounds like you've had a hectic schedule lately but yay to moving flats and finally getting internet again! Definitely post as much as it's possible for you or else you'll get stressed and you won't enjoy it. I'm sure you will figure out what works best for you very soon :) x

    Beauty with charm

  8. Glad to see you back and more settled :) Moving home is so stressful and definitely takes a lot of time (I struggled with the 3-weeks-without-internet nightmare too back in June). XX

    Ally |

  9. It's good to see you back! Your introduction was too funny and glad to see you've been having a fun time :)

    Velvet Blush | Beauty Giveaway

  10. LOVE the introduction, I feel so naïve when I used to think I could blog super regularly and be mega engaging AND hold up a full time job, regular exercise and social life. There definitely has to be some give, glad you're keeping a positive outlook on things though :) GoApe sounds like so much fun and such good exercise! And that tiramisu.. Mmmmm.

    India | Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  11. So glad you are back, lovely! I've missed you so much, we definitely need to catch up soon! I loved the post, the pictures are beautiful and it seems that everything is going well in your life! (: So glad you guys found a new flat! Hope you are having a fantastic week, Karen! xx

    Ale |

  12. Wow! Looks like you've been busy! Those tree climbing things are so fun! Although I can definitely relate on the soreness afterwards! It's a lot more excercise than you would expect! I was also left a bit blue last time I went tree climbing!

  13. WELCOME BACK! Congrats on all the big life happenings! I hear ya on the stresses of moving... I'm still living out of bags and boxes and my blog posts have been anything if not sporadic. Full-time blogging is hard. I don't know how I ever managed to post every day?! Anyway, enough about me! It's good to have you back and I'm hoping to see a lot more of your face hanging around my news feed! Much love xxx

    Kirsty - Life in Excess

  14. OMG everything you said at the start is basically me!! I used to be a religious chatter in on the week nights, and now I havent been to one in absolute months and struggling to post and comment on other peoples blogs but I'm trying to make more of an effort, my DA also went down but who cares as you say it's not our full time job :) I hope we both find a healthy pattern soon and this summary post is good to see what you've been up to, i deffo think i need to do one of these :) xxx

  15. Your watch and OPI shade is so beautiful and I would love to go to a yoga show it looks amazing! xxx