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- Asian Beauty Haul with BonjourHK...

bonjour hk asian beauty haul

As you may already know, I'm lucky enough to have an ongoing partnership with BonjourHK; the go-to place for thousands of Asian beauty treats and who offer FREE shipping to us who are overaseas. If the amazingly affordable prices don't already leave your bank balance happy, BonjourHK always have a-mazing sales on too!

I've been singing praises for Asian beauty products for months now and they're slowly taking over my collection of everyday essentials. Despite not trying all of the products I recently received just yet, I thought I'd do a 'haul' type post as I was too excited to share them with you. Plus, all of these products seem just my sort of thing - BonjourHK know me well!

This means that more in-depth reviews and features are on their way, so stay tuned! I've decided to split these beauty treats into two sections: Skincare & Beauty...

SKINCARE: bonjourhk shiseido speed perfect whip foam
Shiseido Speed Perfect Whip Foam, £5.75*

bonjourhk rohto gokujyun toner
Rohto Gokujyun Toner, £8.52*

bonjourhk nature republic blackhead removing nose patch
Nature Republic Blackhead Removing Nose Patches, £1.85* (7 pcs)

bonjourhk imface foot silky mask papaya
IMFACE Foot Silky Mask Softholic, £0.42* (1 pair)

First up is the Shiseido Speed Perfect Whip Foam. I'm super keen to try this cleanser as I've read many rave reviews about this brand. I love the practical yet unique packaging for a face wash, I definitely mistook it for a handwash at first! Next is the Rohto Gokujyun Toner, which claims to provide intense moisture - perfect for my dry skin. I've been making a real effort to establish a skincare routine and have become a little bit obsessed with toners. I'm a big fan of the cult classic, Bioderma, and also the Jigott one, so I'm eager to see how this compares. Next are the Nature Republic Blackhead Removing Nose Patches, now I don't know about you, but when it comes to blackheads - #thestruggleisreal. They're pesky things and I find them such a pain to rid. It's important to unclog pores, though, to decrease oil levels - I think of blackheads as plugs for pores that refill and need emptying. Hopefully, these patches will make the process a lot easier. Lastly, not forgetting to look after skin elsewhere, are the IMFACE Foot Silky Mask Softholic socks. These include papaya fruit extract, which, if you saw my Dr. PAWPAW post, you'll know I love. These socks sound like such a pamper treat, as they promise to exfoliate and moisturise - perfect for this sandal weather (British sandal weather, that is).

BEAUTY: bonjourhk wowwow princess cheek blusher #06
WOWWOW Princess Cheek #06, £8.15*

bojourhk wowwow weightless bb cream spf 30 protection
WOWWOW Weightless BB Cream SPF 30 Protection, £7.33*

bonjourhk club cosmetice skincare powder rose
Club Cosmetice Skincare Powder (Rose), £7.97*

Time to talk beauty! When opening the WOWWOW Princess Cheek #06 I was slightly daunted, as it isn't a shade I'd typically reach for. However, after some thought, I remembered I'm trying to experiment a lot more with makeup and add some variety to my collection. Therefore, I'll have a play around with this shimmery peach blusher and see what makeup looks I can create with it. As for base products, the WOWWOW Weightless BB Cream SPF 30 Protection sounds literally perfect. I'm all about a lighter base and actually scrapped foundation altogether several months ago. I love that this contains SPF 30 (super important) and, if that's not enough, it contains natural essential rose oil. Seriously, the scent is super relaxing and spa-like. Will this override my current favourite: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream? Keep your eyes peeled! Following on with the rose theme is possibly the prettiest powder out there: Club Cosmetice Skincare Powder. Just look at it. Look! I love, love, love it! So girly, so pastel, so floral - is #makeupporn a thing?!

bonjour hk asian beauty haul

What do you think of this BonjourHK haul? Don't forget to look out for in-depth reviews and swatches.

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. I'll have to check out BonjourHK - I want to try some Asian cosmetics x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. You always seem to have the coolest products featured on your blog! I want to try these!! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Oh man I always look forward to these little Asian beauty hauls you have! I don't know why I get so excited when I see them, maybe it's because everything's just so pretty!!
    -- // xo

  4. Another great haul :) I still haven't checked out this website! It looks like I'm missing out!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  5. Great finds, Asian products are great too. Wow, that powder rose box is so pretty!!!

    The Flower Duet

  6. I have never really tried any Asian beauty products but I love the look of the BB cream. I am definitely all about the lighter Base too.

    Kristy |

  7. I have never tried any Asian bits but they all look amazing! I love the packaging!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  8. These sounds great and very interesting. I've never tried Asian beauty products.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  9. I look forward to your in-depth reviews on the blusher and BB cream, I am really curious about those two.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. I have never tried any asian beauty products but they always look and sound amazing. Plus they have the cutest packaging.

  11. Always love a good asian beauty haul! You picked up some great things! :)

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

  12. Why do the products always look so much more fun and interesting than ours!

    Corinne x

  13. Ooh I'm always so interested in Asian beauty, especially the BB creams and mascara's. These products look and sound fab lovely :)


  14. I am so curious about asian beauty! I have never tried any asian products! I always find the packaging super cute and their product very innovative. I have heard so much amazing things about their skin and lashes products especially! Xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  15. I have to say that I love Bonjour HK. Their products are pretty good. I still use the prizes I won!

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  16. I always really like seeing your hauls, they're quite different and we get to see such a variety of products - this has really made me want to look into asian beauty products as their skin is always on point and just flawless!

    Layla xx

  17. The black head patches are on my list to get next and the socks as I think they are a super weird concept but they work so well! xxx

  18. What a great selection! The socks reminds me of baby foot. Wear for a while, then remove, and a few days later the dead skin just practically falls off. Not attractive, but damn it works!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  19. I picked up the perfect whip cleanser when I was in Japan and love it! Although it takes a little getting use to. Those socks look like an interesting product to use! xx

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  20. Gotta love those Asian Goodies! How cute is that powder? I need one in my life! xx

  21. These all look interesting there is something very appealing about products from another country Lucy x

  22. Looking forward to your review on the BB Cream...and that powder is the cutest! Friggin' adorable!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog