Tuesday, May 5

- All Hands Together with Connected Generation...

A slightly more serious tone from me today. I'm sure most of you have seen the graphic scenes on the news over the past week of the recent earthquake that struck Nepal, and its devastating impacts it's had on millions of people. I find it upsetting, distressing and unfair how so many innocent lives are lost simply because they have no choice but to reside on land that is vulnerable to such natural disasters.

It makes you think how lucky we are. I think we need to sometimes take a step back and put ourselves in the place of others. So what if your bus is ten minutes late? So what if your dress has shrunk in the wash? So what if there's no teabags left? Because these aren't actually problems. What is a problem is that so many people across the globe still have no access to public transport, have no wardrobe full of options, and have tasted nothing but dirty water.

We are all human beings. We may come in different shapes and sizes, have different skin tones and eye colours, but we're actually very alike. We're all after survival, and this is easier for some more than others. We should respect and support each other wherever possible.

When it comes to donating to charity I'm all for it, but it's important how it's done. I don't want a bucket rattling with coins shoved in my face as I get off a train, I don't want knocks on the door from strangers, and I don't want to constantly be nagged directly on social media. In my opinion, giving to charity is voluntary. It has to come from within.

So for today's post I want to introduce you to Connected Generation. Connected generation is a website full of t-shirts with cute and quirky designs, with each sale contributing to a children's charity of your choice. Helping others whilst shopping? Yes please! Connected Generation say themselves that the act of buying and giving needn't be separate. This is my sort of campaign as I'm not put on the spot and don't feel forced to part with my money.

How does it work?
First of all, you choose which t-shirt you'd like. There is a wide selection of unique designs to choose from (here), or you can even create your own! All t-shirts come in male and female sizes and you can choose whether you want the style to be loose or fitted. I really like that there's this option as you can either go for an oversized, relaxed look, or a tighter fit.

After trawling through the many designs, I finally opted for the 'All Hands Together'* design in the 'fitted' style. Designed by a girl named Eve, I was drawn to the simplicity of this black and white design yet the powerful message it portrays: 'The hand is a marvellous thing it helps make us who we are - we should make sure our hands create and do good.'

After choosing your style and sizing, you're then directed to the selection of charity campaigns you can choose from to support. Each t-shirt costs £25, £5 of which is donated. I found it difficult to choose which one I'd like to support, especially between the Text Books for Kindimba Secondary School as I believe everyone should have access to education, or the Food Forest in a remote region of Tanzania. In the end, I went for the latter based on the fact that food is a basic primary need.

What I love about Connected Generation is how buyers really can remain connected. The stories are updated regularly so you can see for yourself the progress your chosen project is making. I like how Connected Generation also see that charity should come from within. It should be personal and these updates ensure you see the differences being made. Not only is this a brilliant way to support others, but I was pleased to see the high-quality of the t-shirt itself. The ethically sourced material is thick (a rarity on the high street) and I was really happy with the fit.

If you fancy a cute logo tee whilst also having a huge, positive effect on communities in need, Connected Generation is the place to go.

Let's all put our hands together.

Have you heard of Connected Generation before? Let me know what you think of today's post in the comments below.


  1. Oh Karen, I really love this idea! I haven't heard of this charity before but love the idea of it.. I always worry when donating that my money doesn't actually go towards helping someone who is actually in need and instead it goes in the large salaries of those at the head of the charities, so this is perfect! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. What an amazing idea! As you say, it's so important to support each other and help those who are in awful situations that they have no control over. I love the t-shirt that you went for, but I love that you can create your own, also. Ill definitely be having a go at designing my own, I think!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  3. This is a really good idea. I have funny feelings about charities too, I absolutely hate being put on the spot and feeling pressured to donate, especially when it's by celebrities with tons of money. But this is a very approachable way to still help people, and I love the designs too!

    The Makeup Directory

  4. This is such a brilliant idea, and what a cute t-shirt! Definitely going to have a look at the other designs on this site :)


  5. Great post Karen :) It's such an amazing idea and I'll definitely be going over to their website to check it out for myself!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  6. Love those shoes!! They look great


  7. This is a brilliant post - it's lovely that you've gone out of you way to write about such an important cause. We all love the materialistic stuff but at the end of the day, none of that really matters. I'd never heard of this charity before but I'm definitely going to look into it!
    Leah xx


  8. Thank you for introducing me to this charity! You're right there are a lot of people out there suffering on a daily basis, who have no choice and haven't got the ability to change their circumstances! We should appreciate what we have and understand / give back to the less fortunate! I will have a look at this company :) Such a lovely post Karen <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  9. wow, amazing outfit!
    LOVELY <3

  10. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am one of the founders of Connected Generation and as we are just getting started it is great to hear such positive comments. We are totally committed to the quality of our product and our cause to change young lives.

    Our t-shirts make a great personal treat or a different and reward ethical gift for someone close - the gift than can keep on giving :-)#

  11. Tragic events like this really make me appreciate what I have and what I take for granted. We could all do more to support those in need, this is such an amazing cause thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

    Roxie ♥

  12. cute! nice blog. following you!


  13. Very lovely post with a very important cause - thank you for sharing this! <3

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  14. Such a lovely post Karen!! Fab tshirt as well. I love the design :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  15. Loved reading this post, Karen. You are so, so right!
    I think Connected Generation really nailed it here. I had a look on their Website and I love what they have for sale. It's an ideal way to give something to those who need it the most.
    May I just mention how amazing your shoes are? ;)

    Laura || Laura London

  16. I am so happy to read this post from you, Karen. I have not heard of Connected Generation before so a huge thank you for bringing it to our attention. I love the t-shirt that you are wearing and I love it even more that it's for a good cause. I'll check them out for sure. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  17. I love this idea. I think it's a really smart and honest way of appealing to people for donations. Well done Karen. xx

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  18. I love companies who donate part of their profits to charity, it definitely encourages me to support them. Most of the time, I like to give directly, but it's a good idea to give additional charity donations this way!

    Tara x

  19. A lovely post! I think giving to charity is so important but I agree that people shouldn't be hassled to donate. I donate to charities I want to donate to regularly and I get annoyed when people try to guilt trip me on the street to sign-up to more. I like to think most people give what they can afford anyway. Brands that give to charities always encourages me to buy from them though.

    Milli xx


  20. This is a lovely idea - I think it is great to be able to shop and at the same time, be donating to a charity. Great post & thank you for sharing - I had no idea Connected generation existed but I'm glad I do now and hopefully lot's of readers will support them :) x

    Brenda BusyBee

  21. I know what you mean, some charity workers are very nagging and direct in your face. They come after you on the high street and you're like, please leave me alone and go away which I think works contra productive and sheds a rather negative light on charities. My culture isn't very charity friendly so it was definitely a thing I had to learn and get used to in the UK. The most I've ever donated to a charity were £15 for Red Nose day when they teamed up with designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Matthew Williamson and a special range of Tshirts. Not sure if you've heard of the campaign but I felt very proud when I bought a shirt and all profit went to support Red Nose Day.

    Caz | Style Lingua

  22. I really love how you've tackled this subject lovely. It's horrendous to think of how many people have lost loved ones, or their homes. I think this is such a nice concept, that you can give and get a t-shirt too xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  23. Really a greatz idea :) Love your post!


  24. Interesting post I like you dislike can rattlers and knocks on the door. I like the concept, the choice of t-shirt. Not sure about the £25 price tag and only £5 going to charity, I get production costs and overheads but this doesn't seem like much of a share. But charity is something I feel very strongly in so like the ethos Lucy x

  25. Really really love the idea of this, have always been a fan of shopping AND donating which is why I love TOMS so much and am always on the look out to help charities so will go on the website now, thanks hun xxx

  26. OMGosh! You are beautiful, Karen! What an amazing post, I just placed and order! It makes me so happy to know I'm helping! Thank you so much for sharing this! xx


  27. I love the idea. Also having a tshirt like that can help to spread the message and I always feel proud to wear tees that have a message!

    Corinne x

  28. Ohh this is just the best idea. And I do feel bad I've never heard of this charity before. But awful tragic events like what has happened really makes you think about life, and quite how lucky we are.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  29. What an amazing outfit great message.