Thursday, April 23

- Interviews & Remaining Positive...

Whether it's for college, university or jobs, interviews are one thing pretty much all of us have to encounter at some point in our lives. The word 'interview' is usually associated with negativity, and the thought of having to 'sell ourselves' tends to make us squirm. Currently going through the job application process myself, I wanted to share with you my styling tips for interviews and ways to remain positive.

Firstly, I want to emphasise that dressing smartly doesn't have to mean discomfort. I actually really enjoy dressing formally and feel it's very much my style. The last thing you want once the big day arrives is to be worrying about what you're wearing, so find something that's 'you' and what you feel comfortable in. There are many combinations out there for us ladies, so find what works for you.

For footwear, I'm not really a heels girl when it comes to the work environment. The thought of having to walk elegantly hobble in sky scrapers towards the interviewer(s) and endure sore feet is far from ideal. Instead, I go for comfort and opt for smart flats. If you're the same, my top tip would be to choose ones with a pointed toe as they immediately show you mean business *wink face*. I tend to wear the flats pictured above, but I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of pointed loafers.

This completely depends on what sort of role you're applying for, but personally, I think it's best to go for a natural makeup look. I often want to run a mile/scream in fear at some of the sharpie brows/talking tangerines I see on the TV, and this really isn't the reaction from your interviewer(s) you want to be responsible for.

Above, I've listed my top 3 neutral lip shades: Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob, MAC Patisserie & Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. A quick sweep of any of these will show you've made a bit of effort without spending hours out of your day on your appearance.

Sticking to the minimalist theme, I would choose simple accessories over eye-catching ones. In my opinion, interviews are a great time to show off a watch as they indirectly suggest that you're reliable, organised and efficient. I would also say that this is the time to choose dainty jewellery over statement necklaces/rings. Above is my Georgini necklace from JewelStreet* and my everyday ring by Virtue. Of course, if simple pieces like this really aren't your thing, then I'd say go without jewellery or try to very subtly incorporate a bolder piece into your outfit.

Lastly, what I want to share with you the most: be the happiest version of you!

• The thought of an interview is daunting, but really try your best to enjoy it. Even if you don't get the position, it's great to meet new people, find out more about an industry and just to have a change of scenery. I've walked away from interviews and seen them as a fun day out!

• Interpret nerves the right way - they're a way of knowing how much you care and how passionate you are about the role. It would probably be weirder if you didn't feel nervous at all, right?

• Speaking from my personal experience, I'd say I'm pretty resilient when it comes to rejections. It just wasn't meant to be and it will happen when it happens (your loss Mr/Mrs. Company, muaha). You have to remind yourself that it isn't a personal attack, interviewers are looking for the best skill set suited for their business. Competition at the moment is rife, so really push yourself to stand out. Each experience is unique and any new application is a new opportunity. Don't let past outcomes have an effect on your future ones.

Ignore other people's thoughts & opinions. During job hunting, I've learnt that the people who matter completely understand the struggle and have been there themselves. The ones who do gossip seem to be the ones who haven't experienced the challenge themselves and/or are stuck in a dead end job with no aspirations...

• Never give up! As I've said, it will happen when it happens. Don't settle for anything less than what you know you're capable of. Thanks to the internet, there is a wide range of sources available to discover new jobs online. For example, new on the scene is City Calling*, which has multiple opportunities currently available in a number of locations and offer further career advice.

Job hunting can get tedious but it's not the end of the world. In fact, it's highlighted to me activities that I hardly ever used to make time for. Once I am in a full-time role this will stick with me and I'll be sure to still get my wind-down time! [[lie-ins. baking. exercise. blogging. reading. Pampering. Catch ups.]]

So, if you're currently searching for a job, join me and remember to stay positive!

What did you think of this post? Let me know any of your past or present experiences with job hunting.

*Sponsored post. All text & thoughts are my own.


  1. I can tell from experience that comfortable but classy clothing is super important for an interview! You might have to wait for a long while and if you don't wear something comfortable it will show on your face!


  2. So many great tips, I hate doing interviews and always panic about what to wear

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  3. Great post :) I'm currently applying to new jobs myself and the thought of having to have an interview scares the hell out of me!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  4. Great tips - I get so nervous going to interviews but being comfortable in what you're wearing always helps!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

  5. You have no idea how appropriate this post is oh my, I've got probably the most important job interview of my life tomorrow! It's such an amazing opportunity and I am a bag of nerves right now haha, thanks so much for posting this! I feel a little calmer!

    Also those shoes are gorge!


  6. I hate interviews. Today is my last day before I take redundancy and Im dreading it, but these are great tips!

  7. You really have everything covered in this post for an interview. Such a great post lovely x

    Beauty with charm

  8. Such a great idea for a blog post! Greatly written!

  9. Great tips love this post thank you.

  10. You couldn't have timed this post better, I may have to start job hunting over the next few weeks and I despise the interview process.. I really need to think more positively about it ><

    Amanda Jayne / beauty, style + everything else

  11. very nice and useful tips hun, I actually think that the most important thing when interviewing is to be 'yourself' xx

  12. Such a great post! I totally agree about the natural makeup, it just looks a little more polished xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  13. These are all such great tips! I've been on a few interviews recently and I agree with all of your points - keeping everything subtle but still being yourself is key. Oh and I absolutely love those flats! :)

    Kelsey | Beauty by Kelsey

  14. This post has truly cheered me up when t comes to job hunting and I don't feel so bad about a recent job rejection, however I now realise that the interview I went for today I didn't really want because I wasn't nervous a all haha!! Couldn't agree more on the interview outfit and make-up choices too. I've done the heels before but it WASN'T worth the tottering bambi look haha!

    Kat xx

  15. These are really really great tips for interviews! I'm still in college, and I find that interviews are something I have to deal with too often for my liking haha. I'll be sure to keep these in mind for next time! Great post!
    xo Kiki

  16. Totally agree.. Smart dressing doesn't have to mean discomfort. Love these tips.. Especially to be the happiest you <3 xx

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  17. I love these positive tips. I've been to my fair share of interviews in the past and wish it had occurred to me to wear smart flats rather than uncomfortable heels. Feeling comfortable really is so important as it frees you up to concentrate on the interview itself. Also, just bought East End Snob and love it! Best of luck with the job hunting process! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  18. Such a great post this helps a lot for future interviews it's good to know what to wear and how to act and the main thing to stay positive

  19. Oh did I just read that your on the hunt for new shoes? I wouldn't mind a new pair *hehe* :) Thank you so much for sharing your styling tips and advice how to stay positive. It is so tough out there and as you've said one should not get upset and see each and individual opportunity separately. I just got a rejection today actually, so I guess it's never mind and roll on job search :)

    Caz | Style Lingua

  20. Job hunting can be so demoralising, but these tips are great. And I love the outfit & jewellery!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  21. I actually feel so proud for you reading this! You are so savvy, positive and smart Karen! I agree with everything you've said, especially about seeing everything in a positive way if you can. Every interview is an experience, and even if you don't get one, you've definitely learned from it and improved for next time! :) Anyone would be crazy not to hire you, in my opinion <3
    Jemma xx

  22. Great tips here Karen, completely agree about wearing something comfy, there's no point going and being something you aren't, I swear by wearing flats to interviews haha! The best tip i can give is really to just be yourself, and rejections do make you learn and I'm a firm believer in fate that everything happens for a reason! Good luck with your job hunting :) xxx

  23. Wonderful post and tips. I'm currently on the hunt for a job as well and it can be super stressful.

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  24. I definitely agree with this, I hate wearing heels too and would much rather have a pretty pointed flat and also minimal make up but with enough coverage for blemishes! I don't actually wear jewellery to them other than earrings as I didn't really know what was appropriate. Good luck hun I am currently starting the same process EEK xxx

  25. Great post!! I am also going through the process at the moment and it is so daunting! Those pointed flats are so so cute, I have pretty short legs so I normally wear a heel but I live in them everyday anyway so it works for me. I always try and think that I have nothing to lose when I go to an interview. There is nothing bad that can happen because if you get rejected then you are still i the same position you were in, not a worse position... if that makes any sense?!

    Sarah xxx ||

  26. I'm actually in love with that watch! And the shoes. I get quite nervous when it comes to job interviews and things! but I think the most important thing is to be yourself definitely (:

  27. I really enjoyed reading this, I think you have such a healthy attitude towards interviews. I always get nervous with things like that but you're absolutely right - it'd probably be weirder if I didn't! I love those pointed flats :) xx


  28. Revlon Pink Truffle is my go-to work lip colour :) I agree about never giving up - for me it was literally 50th time lucky! xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

  29. Love your makeup collection, great advice xx

  30. Job interviews are terrifying! This post is great though. I hope you find a job you love soon!

    Corinne x

  31. Great tips for interviewing! Thank you for sharing. have a great attitude!

  32. love this! the way you dress and look definitely affects your confidence in an interview. I always feel my best in shoes with a little bit a heel and light/natural makeup. Light makeup keeps things professional!

  33. Really well written post and great tips and advice :)

    Adi xx

  34. Lovely advice, I'll try out the pointed flats sometime. x

  35. Lovely advice you have there :) I love the gold watch you featured, perfect touch of classy elegance to and outfit. Totally agree with going for minimalistic jewellery too, and pointed toe flats are always a winning option!
    Last thing you want to do is trip and fall in front of your interviewer!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  36. All great tips and advice interviews can be daunting but you can do lots to help yourself Lucy x

  37. This is such an inspiring post, Karen! What a great reading. Thank you so much for those useful tips! xx