Tuesday, March 10

- What My Mother Has Taught Me ft. Debenhams...

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I've decided to dedicate this post to the most loving, selfless woman in my life. Ashamedly (although I reckon it's fairly typical), it's only been in the past few years where I've only acknowledged just how much my mum did/does for me and my brothers.

Despite her occasional switch to dragon mode, the squabbles and the discipline (which we most often deserve), our mother's do a heck of a lot for us; we need their reassurance, support and guidance. Not only do they directly advise and teach us, we also learn things by observation. Your parents are your most powerful role models and, when faced with a challenging situation, I often ask myself what they would do in that position.

The role of a mother extends much further beyond cooking meals and doing our laundry. She is a nurturer; she has an innate ability to make everything alright.

building happy memories... ...exploring the world... 7 ...comforting... ...providing cuddles... ...and support.

We learn through direct interaction and indirectly through the examples set by attitudes. My mum is very against gossiping and tale-telling. If someone made a snide comment on the playground I still clearly remember my mum not wanting to hear much about it and constantly saying "ignore them", and that was the end of the conversation. I won't lie, back then, I found her response frustrating at times. It's much easier said than done to ignore someone you're lumbered with in a classroom, who will turn all of your friends against you (social exclusion is not fun), but now I totally understand. I feel it's definitely led me to be the way I am now. Unfortunately, petty gossiping and cliqueyness doesn't seem to stop with age, but thankfully "ignore them" can now be applied. When you're leading your own life and becoming more independent, you start to learn that people come and go and if that means cutting people out, then so be it.

Not only has my mum taught me how to deal with friendships (or so-called friends), but also romance. Like most people, I've had my taste of bad experiences, but my mum has never mulled any of it over. Similarly to the above response, she tends not to hear much about it and reinforces that it's all just part of life. I usually hate, and I mean hate, soppy/deep quotes but 'you go through the dirt to find the flowers' could not be more relevant. It's normal to go through the crap and it's important to remind yourself that it's more weird if you didn't.

Look after No.1
Another useful snippet my mum has taught me is to simply look after myself. When Debenhams contacted me for this post with the mention of a hair product, I instantly agreed as my mum constantly emphasises the importance of having healthy skin and hair. I can still picture as a 5 year old my mum religiously applying hand cream every night. Making the time and the effort equals feeling good about yourself.

Additionally, whether it's been a chop or a slight trim, I've had my haircut every 6-8 weeks my entire life. I often get complimented on how healthy my hair is and I would hands down say it's due to this. I regularly see on Twitter people going for their first haircut in months/years, which probably seems normal to a lot of you, but bizarre to me.

My mum's influence on hair care doesn't just stop there. She insisted I used conditioner when I was a youngster who was more interested in playing with a rubber duck, stressed the importance of using the right hair brush for my hair type, and refused to let me use an elastic band to tie my hair up (anyone else forget a hair tie for PE and be faced with one?)

Even when I was first testing out this curling wand Debenhams kindly sent to me, she asked if I had applied heat defence styling spray beforehand. Her rigidness with skin and hair care has paid off though as I've definitely adopted her views and automatically maintain a routine.

Please can I stress that this is a hair tool and not something derived from the set of Fifty Shades of Grey (something my mother thankfully did not teach me about). Then there's the heat protective glove, which really doesn't help in this situation. Kinkyness aside, this Babyliss Diamond Waves Wand* is honestly amazing! I'm used to using curling tongs to create curls which is a niggle as they take so long with my thick hair. I dislike how tiny sections of hair must be clamped down and held in the same position for around 30 seconds. The clamping also results in the dreaded kink at the tip of each section (dammit - I said kinkyness aside).

However, this tool is completely different. No clamping is involved and you simply wrap a section of hair around the wand, whichever thickness you'd like depending on the looseness of your desired wave, and hold for just 5-8 seconds! The cleverly shaped wand effectively creates a gorgeous wave and the speedy wrapping technique is where the included glove is a godsend; it protects you whilst you're quickly moving so near to the hot surface. Furthermore, you have control over the temperature setting - I found that 180°C was enough to do the job, but it goes up to 210°C! Cough, don't forget the heat defence spray, cough!

Whether you realise it now or not, your mother is your best friend. Be kind, be grateful and tell her you love her - she's the only one you have. Everyday should be Mother's Day.

What has your Mother taught you? Don't forget to check out Debenhams for their extensive range of gift ideas!


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    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

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