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- September Degustabox Review...

Monthly boxes with surprise contents are a huge hit amongst us bloggers, with themes ranging from beauty bits to food & drink. Today I want to share with you all the September Degustabox* I was kindly sent to review. Degustabox introduce a new box every month full of 9-14 surprise food & drink products. Most of the products are brand new so this is a great way to discover new goodies and at just £12.99 (including delivery), you pay much less than if you were to buy the items in the shops.

So, onto what the September box contained...

Jordan's Simply Granola RRP: £2.69

I'm a huge fan of granola and have been really enjoying this for breakfast with either almond milk or natural yoghurt topped with blueberries, raspberries & sliced banana. The hint of honey is so tasty and I was impressed at the size of the bag (750g).

La Vieja Fabrica RRP: £1.59
Righteous Dressings RRP: £0.73 (each), £2.49 (225ml bottle)

The September box contained either of these items. Produced in Seville using only the best oranges and a recipe which exceeds 170 years, this marmalade is definitely the best I've tried.

There are 3 Righteous dressings: Lemon and Mustard Seed, Raspberry and Sweet Basil, & Mild English Blue Cheese & Cider - all of which are perfect to finish off a salad.

Carnation Cook with it! RRP: £1.65 each

This cooking crème is so useful when making savoury dishes. Containing 68% less fat than single cream, it's perfect for curries, soups, quiches and I used it to make a lovely carbonara sauce!

Burts Lentil Waves RRP: £0.69 each

These are seriously delicious and this box had 3 flavours: Thai Sweet Chilli, Lightly Salted and Sour Cream & Chive. The amount of flavouring is spot on and the latter were probably my favourite!

Bahlsen PiCk UP! RRP: £1.69 (5 pack)

This biscuit bars are so moreish and are the perfect little treat. I loved how the centre is a slab of solid chocolate rather than the usual chocolate cream you tend to find in bars like this.

Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Mint Thins RRP: £2.50

Personally, I'm not a fan of mint flavoured chocolate products, but if you like After Eights or Matchmakers then you'd love these! Each piece is decorated with crunchy mint sprinkles and they definitely sway towards the luxurious side!

Crabbie's Alcoholic Fruits RRP: £1.50
John Crabbie's non-alcoholic flavoured Ginger Beer RRP: £1.20
Little Miracles RRP: £1.59 (each)

I was really impressed with the drinks in this box! Firstly, the original Crabbies ginger beer is one of my all time favourites, so I was delighted to see some flavoured ones. You're able to select an alcoholic or non-alcoholic choice when ordering from Degustabox so these were the two alternatives for September.

There were also two flavours of Little Miracles: Lemongrass tea, orange juice, ginger, ginseng and agave, & Green tea, ginseng, pomegranate, açai and agave. I drank both of these so quickly and will definitely be repurchasing them. You can taste the organic tea really well in each drink and the blend with fruit juice results in a lovely, refreshing drink!

Further, Degustabox provide detailed information on each product and a handful of coupons. They've also been known to include a 'Fridge' voucher in the past which you use to pick up a chilled item, and although the September box didn't include one, they are woking on one for next month!

Overall, I am super impressed with Degustabox's service and think it's the perfect gift to yourself or a friend! I really wasn't expecting to like so many of the products as surprise boxes are always a risk (part of the fun?), but I really do love all but one of the items (damn you tastebuds for not liking mint chocolate). You can check out the website here and use discount code 4784617 to get £3 off!

Have you heard of Degustabox before? Which item do you like the sound of the best?


  1. A food box?! Yes Amazing! Love the butt's lentil crisps

  2. Wow what a wonderful looking box, full of amazing treats - thanks for sharing this! <3

    I have a new post up, so please check out my blog if you can,


  3. Wow i need one of these Boxes great stuff though :)

  4. I got a Degustabx for the first time this month, I love it! The orange juice thing and the lentil waves are sooo nice and I'll definitely be buying them :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. I love the idea of food boxes I think it is really cool because you get to try different brands out. The marmalade and the ginger beer definitely are up my street :)

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella

  6. this sounds really interesting, would love to try some of these items


    Inspirations Have I None

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  8. Interesting post! They don't have things like this in the US as far as I know... Jealous! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  9. I've not heard of them before but looks of yummy treats are included! I'm loving granola at the moment, it's so delicious!


  10. I had no idea you could even get such a thing as a food box, this is pretty cool and most of the items are right up my street :) x

    Beauty with charm

  11. I've never heard of this box before but now you've made me want to try it ! :)
    Great post !

  12. That granola looks soo good! I didn't know they had food boxes like this that's so cool! Abi :)

  13. I currently do not get any monthly boxes. I almost had forgotten how fun they could be.

    All of the foods in this box looks so delicious.

  14. I love the idea of a box full of surprises delivered to your doorstep!

  15. What a lovely box and I love that it's a food box instead of the usual beauty related. Wonder if they ship to Canada, this will be so cool to try!

    Reflection of Sanity

  16. Haven't heard of them before, I wonder if they deliver to Washington in the US? So many yummy goodies though!!


  17. :)


  18. I love granola soooo much :)
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    little taste of heaven

  19. I have never had this box before but love what's in it!

    Much love xxx

  20. Carnation is what my mom uses :) xx

  21. i've seen these boxes on so many blogs now and i'm really wanting to try one, thanks for the discount code!

  22. What a fun box! I've never heard about these kinds of boxes with food and drink!

  23. That's so cool, I've never seen a food & drink monthly box. I have tried the Little Miracle energy drinks and they are delicious! I love them!

    Keep in touch!
    Jen xx

  24. Looks amazing… delicious goodies!
    kisses from Miami,

  25. Love the look of the chocolate :D I'm such a chocoholic xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  26. For a foodie this is my idea of heaven. The mint thins and miracle juices I want to try. Love after eights and being able to eat all year round would be a bonus Lucy x

  27. Haven't heard of the box but I do know Pick Up. It's actually a well-known chocolate snack by Bahlsen and you get different chocolate flavours (milk, dark, white even coconut flavour). Love Pick Up. I think they are best when you had them in the fridge. Makes the chocolate extra solid and crisp :)

    Caz xxx