Thursday, June 12

- L'Oreal Color Riche Intense...

This isn't a lipstick I've read much about so I thought i'd share with you my views on it. The L'Oreal Paris L'Extraordinaire's are much talked about so I thought i'd give the Color Riche Intense lipsticks a go. Faced with a good variety of colours I opted for shade 371 'Pink Passion', which is a vibrant pink. I noticed afterwards that it has 'brunettes' labelled on the packaging, although i'm unsure why as I can see this shade suiting blondes as well? I suppose it's your choice whether you follow their recommendation or not.

These lipsticks apparently protect lips from drying although i'm not too sure how true this is. It didn't dry out my lips as such, but it also didn't feel very hydrating. I found myself having to pat some of it on during application rather than it simply gliding on. That being said, the colour pay off is strong and long lasting. I also think the packaging of these lipsticks is lovely. It's worth noting that they do have a strong scent (the typical powdery, floral scent?) which I personally don't mind, but if you do you may want to avoid these.

I'd say these are good lipsticks especially when you're after a strong colour. I'm not disappointed with it but i'm not amazed either. Retailing at around £8, i'd say you can maybe find the same colour pay off with a better formula for a similar price.

Have you tried these lipsticks?


  1. thats a shame you didn't find the product amazing, I usually find L'oreal lipsticks are really good. would love if you could check out my blog :)


  2. Love your honest review. :) keep it up!

    April of:

  3. Ooh this lipstick looks so pretty! I need to try more L'Oreal lip products, there's so many good ranges out! This colour looks perfect for summer!

    Efflorescent Dream

  4. This looks like such a nice lipstick!
    have you tried the 'katie' brand theyre good too, loving your blog so far aw!xxxxx