Wednesday, June 25

- DOVE Purely Pampering Range...

With the sun shining and our Summer wardrobes in full swing, many of us are examining our skin to make sure it's in its best condition. That's where DOVE and their new selection of products come in. Who doesn't love a good pamper now and then? Well, the new Purely Pampering range works a treat!

This new collection of body wash and body lotion is available in four luxurious scents which are as follows: Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals, Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla, Pistachio Cream with Magnolia and Almond Cream with Hibiscus. I'm sure you agree that all of these seem heavenly to the nostrils but not only do they smell amazing, the ingredients provide nourishment leaving your skin feeling 100% moisturised. DOVE have kindly sent me samples of the Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals body wash and the Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla body lotion to try out.

Left: Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals body wash*
Right: Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla body lotion*

This body wash really does feel luxurious as the formula is beautifully thick and creamy. This leads to a perfect lather which forms very easily, making a lot of product go a long way. Once the product has been rinsed off, there are immediate effects as skin feels super soft straight away! Another plus worth mentioning is that NutriumMoisture consists of skin-natural moisturisers; this minimises any lipid damage that results from cleansing by focusing on nourishing each layer of skin.

This body lotion is also highly impressive! When first applied, the formula seems slightly on the thicker side, but once rubbed in I was surprised at how quickly and easily it was absorbed. Again, this product left my skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing!

Overall, I am hugely pleased with these two products and would defnitely recommend the range to others! The scents are subtle and the products themselves are highly effective. Prices are around £2.29 for the body washes and £3.99 for the body lotions which I really can't fault. For me, these are equal to luxury products but without the price tag!

Do you like the sound of these products? Have you tried any?


  1. Dove are actually always my favourite for body washes although I've never tried their body lotions. Will definitely be checking them out now!

    Fox & Feather

  2. I love a good Dove product, and these ones seem pretty impressive too! Will definitely be trying those out.

    Great post :) :)


  3. I love the lotion. Smells amazing.

  4. Great post,love!xx
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  5. I love Dove and I think I will love these as well :)

  6. Lovely outfit...

    follow to follow? let me know

  7. Thanks for writing a post about these products, I saw them advertised on tv recently and wondered what they were like. I think I'm going to pop to Boots tomorrow and I'll definitely be picking the moisturiser up. I've always loved Dove products in past, so hopefully I'll love these also.

    Meg xo
    Meg Says | UK Health & Beauty Blog

  8. I absolutely adore Dove products. I'd love to give this a go.