Wednesday, May 21

- Winged Eyeliner Tutorial...

Winged eyeliner is a great look for both day and night time. I'm no pro but I really do believe applying eyeliner is a case of practise, practise & more practise! In order to achieve this look, I find the easiest products to use are ones with a felt tip nib, my all time favourite being the Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner. This retails at just £2.99 (!) and is impressively long lasting!

So here's how I apply my eyeliner...

1. Beginning at the inner corner, draw a thin line until you reach the outer corner.
2. Imagine your bottom lash line extending upwards and draw a diagonal line to follow this.
3. From the outer point of the line you've just created, draw another line back towards your eye matching up to the line you created in step 1.
4. So far you should have your basic winged shape. All you need to do now is fill in the line as close to the lash root as possble. Do the same for the other eye, add mascara and you're done!

I hope this helped you if you struggle with eyeliner application. Are you a fan of this look?


  1. Great tutorial and I LOVE my Collection felt tip liner. I've been repleneshing it for about 3 years now and can't see myself stopping unless the discontinue it (please God no...) xx

    Katy |

  2. Great tutorial, I'm intrigued by this Collection eyeliner! I've tried so many felt eyeliners, they're amazing!

    Efflorescent Dream