Sunday, May 11

- Sleek Au Naturel & Original Eyeshadow Palettes...

Left: Au Naturel Palette...

First up is this natural palette that's great for everyday use! Number 1. didn't show up well in the swatch but it's great to use as a brow highlighter. There are then a lovely selection of natural shades with a few shimmery shadows in there. Number 6. is a gorgeous nude shimmer which is so wearable. There is a dark brown and a charcoal black (9. & 12.) which are both great to line the lower lash lines with. I sometimes also do this with number 10. for a flash of gold. A number of the non-shimmer nude shadows could also be used to fill in brows if the shades are suitable for you!

Right: Original Palette...

For a less natural look is this palette. Now don't be put off by this array of shades as although they look bold, they really are wearable! Again, a charcoal black is amongst the selection (1.) which is suitable to use as liner like with the previous palette. This palette is definitely a lot more shimmery and contains a gorgeous selection of blues, greens, pinks & warmer tones. Once applied correctly and blended adequately, these shadows really do look lovely!

Overall, I think these Sleek palettes are great! At only 7.99 each from Superdrug (& currently 3 for 2), they really are affordable for such a range of shades. Also, each palette comes with a double ended applicator and a mirrored panel which is ideal when travelling. The only downside is the lasting power of the shadows, but at such a good price I can't really complain!

My next post will be based on different ways to wear a bright eye using this Original palette so stay tuned!


  1. I've been wanting to purchase a sleek eyeshadow palette for a while now, after seeing this post and the swatches I may have to get one!

  2. I think the price is really worth it compared to many shades you get! Can't wait to see your makeup review by Sleek lovely xx

  3. ooo i've wanted some new sleek palettes for a while as i've hit pan on mine, i'll have to try these out, especially on 3 for 2, far too tempting! lovely post xxx

  4. The natural palette looks lovely!
    Lovely post sweet xxx

    Sarah - Sarah D Adores

  5. i LOVE sleek! sleek has been coming out with some really nice shades for eyeshadows recently.

  6. ooh so many nice shades!

    from helen at

  7. The shades at the right palette is so pretty!

  8. I love the Sleek palettes, the Original one looks quite impressive and the colours are so pretty!
    Hope you have lots of fun on your backpacking adventure by the way, so jealous!


  9. I have so many neutral palettes but this still looks so gorgeous! x

  10. I prefer the first palette lovely warm tones

  11. Too bad they don't sell sleek here in Canada :( This post made me yet again realize what I'm missing out on!! lol. Sign of a great post!

  12. I have the original palate and really haven't got much use out of it.
    I love Sleek but in my opinion the eye shadows aren't so great.
    Have you tried the contour kits? :)
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

  13. I need to get my hands on some sleek products! These look gorgeous, thanks for the swatches x
    Emily Lavenders

  14. Ah, have fun backpacking!
    The Original palette is gorgeous. I've already got too many neutral palettes stashed up, and you can never have too many Sleek products, so :D

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

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