Wednesday, April 23

- Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara...

It had been a while since I picked up a new mascara so after seeing this new release from Maybelline, I thought i'd give it a go as the double sided brush sounded very appealing. This mascara retails for around £9 and contains one brush to use on the upper lashes, and another for the lower lashes.

It has to be said, I was left disappointed. I found the mascara to be very clumpy on my upper lashes and the brush very difficult to use. I found the bristle too thick, especially as it was on a short stick, which made it difficult to avoid getting the product on my eyelids. As for the lower brush, I was excited to try this, especially after the success of Clinique's bottom lash mascara. However, I found that this brush failed to grab many of my lower lashes and when it did, hardly any product was applied.

Overall, I found this product ineffective and won't be repurchasing. This is just my personal opinion though and I have read a few positive reviews. Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm not really a fan of Maybelline mascaras but it's still a shame to hear it was disappointing! Urban Decay's Big Fatty is my favourite mascara by far

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog