Tuesday, April 15

- Hot Cloth Cleansers...

l-r: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish & No7 Beautiful Skin

After a lot of research, I think I have finally found a skin care routine that works for me. I have quite sensitive, dry skin so cleansers with a creamy formula work best for me. To use hot cloth cleansers, you simply massage the product onto your dry face and then dampen the provided cloth (or you could use a flannel), and smooth it over your face in order to remove the product.

My favourite go to cleanser, which has deservedly won many awards, is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. This product boasts natural ingredients and in my view, the Liz Earle muslin cloths are the best to use. Another factor I like with Liz Earle products is the lovely packaging. However, I have found that my skin easily gets used to products when used repeatedly, so on some days I switch things up by using the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser instead. Though a slightly different texture (think slightly creamier), I have found this product to be effective. A huge advantage is that it retails for around £10, but can be snapped up for around £5 as Boots frequently give out their £5 off No7 skincare vouchers.

Overall, I prefer the Liz Earle product but enjoy mixing my routine up with No7's cleanser. I find that the cloth provided with Cleanse & Polish is much better quality than the No7 one so tend to use these for both products. The Cleanse & Polish also boasts more natural ingredients, but the No7 edition is great if you're after an effective cleanser at a bargain price!

Have you tried either of these? What is your favourite cleanser?


  1. Love liz earl products, not a fan of the price tag tho



  2. lovely post!
    I`ll be happy if we follow to each other!Just let me know in my blog)

  3. I have never looked back after discovering Liz Earle products, especially the Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser, though uselful to know there is a cheaper alternative that is just as good!

    Emma xo