Tuesday, 6 October 2015

- Life Update: Attempting to 'Adult'...

Apart from during holidays or festive periods I've never taken a break away from my posting every other day schedule, and to be honest, I never thought I would.

Life is so hectic right now. I landed a new job last Friday and began yesterday. It's crazy but exciting, and I can't wait to get stuck in. Me and Rob are also now flat hunting, which is so fast paced in London. We are literally going to have to pounce.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't gone off blogging whatsoever. I just don't have the time for it at the moment with everything else going on. Some choose blogging as a career, some choose it as a hobby. I'm with the latter and see my blog as a creative space and a fun little outlet. I'm adjusting to new people, a new routine and spending evenings viewing properties. Plus on top of all of that, I have a horrendous cold. Colds are weird. When someone complains about having one, I tend to think 'meh'. And then I get one and feel like I've face planted into a brick wall. Multiple times.

Not only do I miss creating content, but I miss reading other blogs. Literally, I now feel so behind with my favourites. I'm not sure what my schedule will be in the future, but I know that for some evenings I'll want to spend them interacting with fellow bloggers, rather than scheduling content. Because what's the use of content without engagement, right? Plus, <3blogging friends<3!

So what I'm basically saying is, please bear with me. Sorry if this post has seemed a little rushed, I'm currently typing manicly during my commute.

In true Terminator style... I'll be back ;)


Sunday, 4 October 2015

- September Degustabox...

It's time again to dig inside the next Degustabox*! Whilst I can't see an obvious theme running throughout the products the cute Autumn illustrations on the handout, and one or two items included, relate to the time of year. I was a big fan of the previous August box, and I'm happy to say this next one didn't disappoint either.

In case you're unaware, Degustabox is a monthly service full of food & drink goodies. At just £12.99 (inc. delivery), it's a great way to explore different products you might otherwise bypass. There's usually 9-14 surprise items, most of which are new to the market. As always, Degustabox have kindly provided me with a discount code to share with you: simply type 'BLDEG15' when registering to get £6.00(!!!) off!

Up & Go, RRP: £1.39 (each)

These breakfast drinks instantly reminded me of the Weetabix ones included in the July box, and they taste exactly like them too. Both the vanilla and chocolate have a strong flavour to them, which I personally found really tasty. Whilst I've always been one who puts time aside for breakfast, these drinks are said to contain the same protein, fibre and calcium than in a bowl of cereal, so if you're on the go or need a boost, these are perfect.

Mallow & Marsh, RRP: £2.00
Compete Energy, RRP: £4.49

On the left is a cute little box of raspberry marshmallows. I found these a bit random and they seem expensive, but I'm definitely looking forward to popping them into a hot chocolate on a cosy evening. It's recommended to add a squeeze of lime to them; I'm not sure if I'll give that a whirl, but I'll keep you posted.

On the right is a box of 6 energy bites. These are chocolate-y coffee goodness that are really moreish, which is a slight problem when it's recommended to only have a few at a time due to the caffeine content. I've been having these before carrying out some form of exercise and I'm so pleased I've discovered them!

Maynards Wine Gums, RRP: £1.50
Bassets Jelly Babies, RRP: £1.50

If there's one way to take me back to my childhood, it's Jelly Babies and Wine Gums. However, they're a lot better now as they contain only natural colours and flavourings, plus there's now special bags with only the best (in my opinion) flavours. These days, I'm not the biggest sweetie fan as I'm much more of a chocoholic, but these were a lovely addition.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, RRP: £0.85 (each)

Speaking of chocolate, these Peanut Butter Cups were the product I had to immediately photograph when the box arrived and delved into. I tried to eat just 2, but then how could I leave 1 alone in a pack? And then how could I eat one pack and abandon the other? Yes, I ate all 6 cups. Six. Chocolate and peanut butter are up there, guys. Don't judge me.

Kent's Kitchen Posh Noodles, RRP: £1.85
The Olive Shop, RRP: £3.00

These two items are this month's 'Db's discoveries'. The spicy Szechuan noodles were part of the March box, and I had completely forgotten about them (my bad). These certainly rekindled my love for them - they're so convenient and tasty. Also included was a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is said to hold an intense fruity aroma - a perfect cupboard essential.

Sweet Sally Tea, RRP: £2.40

This is one of the products that links directly to the colder months as it's 'Winter Spice' flavour. I love flavoured teas, both warm and cold, and this bottled one seems really unique. I think the price is a little steep, so trying it in a bargain foodie box like this is perfect.
The Good Cider, RRP: £1.50 (each)

Lastly, an alcoholic tipple in the form of cider. I love cider and much prefer it to beer so was happy to see these. I'm more into berry flavours personally, but these more classic 'apple' and 'pear' flavours were really refreshing - also, they're not a bad price!

So that's the latest installment of my Degustabox posts. Highlights for me have to be the Reese's (obvs) and the energy bites. I hope you're still enjoying seeing what's inside these monthly boxes?

Have you tried Degustabox before? Don't forget, you can have this delivered to your do for just £6.99 using the discount code above!

Friday, 2 October 2015

- Fashion & Sport Do Mix...

Trainers have been creeping their way into the fashion scene for a few years now, and with the remaining buzz surrounding the Sports Luxe trend, it seems they've earnt themselves a permanent spot. Think modern minimalism; bomber jackets, quirky hoodies and hi-top wedged trainers.

Whilst I personally can't see myself rocking wedged trainers anytime soon, there has been a slight change in my fashion taste. See, I used to think trainers were for one thing and one thing only: Exercise. That is, until I moved to London.

Trainers everywhere. It seems the trendiest way to commute is by sporting (geddit?) a vibrant, colourful and eye-catching pair. And I can see why. No tottering around train platforms and escalators in unsturdy heels, slowing down your pace for the home run; sharp elbows out, aiming to get a seat.

Lol, London life.

So I decided to join the bandwagon and get myself a pair from bargain website Shoetique. I love loafers and heels, but so many shoes seem to rub my feet. Whether that's the quality of shoes generally nowadays or my poor decisions, who knows (probably the latter, let's be honest). However, my feet are very happy chappies in these, and I can only see my love for them growing once Winter starts setting in *gulp*.

skechers flex appeal periwinkle pink shoetique trainers skechers flex appeal periwinkle pink shoetique trainers skechers flex appeal periwinkle pink shoetique trainers

Seriously, they are so comfy. I decided on the Skechers Flex Appeal* in periwinkle/pink, as they're just the thing I was after. There's a range of colours available, including this floral aqua pair, which I also have my beady eyes on.

Have you seen the latest Skechers TV ad? The one where Kelly Brook is surrounded by pillows and claims to be walking on air? Well, she couldn't have put it better because, wait for the magic ingredient, these trainers use memory foam to provide extra comfort and support. Honestly, I love how these tick both the aesthetic and practical boxes.

As you can see, I've kept my outfit simple as the trainers do the talking. Teamed with acid wash jeans and a basic off-the-shoulder top, this is the ultimate comfy casual look I go for.

skechers flex appeal periwinkle pink shoetique trainersskechers flex appeal periwinkle pink shoetique trainers skechers flex appeal periwinkle pink shoetique trainers

As well as wearing these as an everyday shoe, I've also been testing out their performance during physical activity. As you may know, at the start of this year I introduced more of a fitness regime into my life and have managed to stick to it. This mainly consists of bouldering/rock climbing, running and yoga. A few months ago, Rob and I switched up our running routine by adding in sprint/interval training too.

In case you don't know, this is where you perform numerous short bursts of high intensity speed in order to build fitness. What we do is sprint for ~100m and then walk back to the start point, repeating 8 times. As you can see in the photos, we've adopted a little isolated footpath which is perfect for this sort of thing.

So, what about the trainers? Well, they pass! I'm happy to say I've had no problems at all and it certainly feels like I'm running on cushions. Trainers can be eye-watering prices, but these are £55 which I think is an absolute bargain for, in my opinion, a footwear essential. Plus, if you're not feeling the neon pink laces, they also come with a matching periwinkle pair for a more discrete look.

skechers flex appeal periwinkle pink shoetique trainers

What do you think of trainers becoming fashionable? Don't forget to check out Shoetique here.

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted. I only feature products/services to my personal taste and all opinions are 100% my own.