Sunday, February 19

- Floral Perfumes for Springtime...

Guess what guys? It's now lighter for 3 more minutes each day! No, I never thought I'd turn into that person either, but that's how excited I am for Spring. When you notice daylight shining through the office gone 5pm, you know things are going to be okay. Dramatic? Me? With Spring on the horizon and Valentine's Day been and gone I thought I'd do a blog post on my current favourite perfumes, which both happen to be on the floral side of things. I'm definitely one who opts for floral, woody fragrances so if this sounds like you too, read below for more!

Sunday, February 5

- Blogging Friends are Friends IRL...

When it rains, it certainly pours here in London. I've never been one to complain about the weather and time of year, but wow, I really noticed my happiness levels increase once we leapt into February! Bring on Spring! After several months (literally) I was blessed to be back in the presence of the beautiful Serene! Serene is more than a ‘blogging friend’ to me and after our catch-up I can confirm she’s a friend IRL (isn't blogging fab?!).

Sunday, January 29

- Dress of the Month ft. boohoo...

boohoo yasmin ruffle dress Today I wanted to share with you an outfit that appears to be the true definition of #basicbitch, but it's one I adore nonetheless. I'm over the moon to have been selected to take part in boohoo's January Dress of the Month campaign! The idea behind this is that each month, boohoo will surprise a selection of bloggers with one of their pieces and challenge them to style it in their own individual way! Exciting huh?! Before agreeing to take part, I requested to see said item as I wanted to make sure it actually aligned with my personal taste and style but boohoo decided to stay schtum as the surprise was part of the challenge, which made me even more intrigued! I had absolutely no idea what my new wardrobe addition would be, but thankfully (there is a fashion God) I *adore* what arrived!